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Post match attack

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Post match attack

Post  Guest on Wed Apr 27, 2016 5:51 am

El Juez Junior has Mantis locked in the Death Sentence and refuses to release the hold as the referee is pleading and attempting to pull him off Mantis Tunks.

Andy Samberg: "El Juez won the match but continues to apply that sickening submission move on Mantis Tunks, someone has to stop this thing"

El Juez eventually releases the hold and pushes the ref out of his way as he leaves the ring

Ted Good: "looks like El Juez has finally released Mantis from that Death sentence, he certainly made a statement there."

Instead of walking up the ramp and out of the arena, El Juez Jr stops and looks under the ring apron

Ted Good: "uh oh what's he planning here?"

Andy Samberg: "maybe he hasn't quite finished making that statement."

El Juez Jr grabs a chair from under the apron and gets into the ring. The referee tries to stop El Juez but gets hit in the torso with a chair shot.

Andy Samberg: "oh no there is no call for that El Juez is out of control!"

El Juez Jr then turns his attention to Mantis who is lying face down in the middle of the ring.

He hits him with several hard chair shots to the spine.

Andy Samberg: "come on enough is enough, we need to get help out here"

El Juez then places the chair under Mantis Tunks face and again goes outside and grabs another chair from under the apron.

He begins to hit Mantis over and over again crushing his skull between two chairs.

Ted: " This is just a cold hearted and vicious assault by El Juez Junior where the hell are security?!"

El Juez then stands over Mantis Tunks lifts up his head and starts punching and tearing at the mask of Mantis, this seems to wake Mantis up and he frantically tries to cover his face.

Andy Samberg: "what's El Juez doing?! is he going to rip the mask off Mantis Tunks? I don't have to tell viewers at home how utterly disrespectful that is to a luchadore!"

There two large tears in the mask of Mantis Tunks from which you can tell that he is bleeding profusely but his identity is still obscured. El Juez Jr continues to pound on the head of Mantis while attempting to tear the mask off while Mantis Tunks is desperately trying to hold on to his mask and cover his face this seems to be his only focus there is no attempt to shield himself from the attack.

Security and referees eventually run down the ramp and storm the ring, El Juez Jr let's go of Mantis Tunks and evades the referees and security guards, he walks backwards slowly up the ramp to an eruption of boos.


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