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Pre match promo

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Pre match promo

Post  Guest on Wed Apr 27, 2016 5:07 am

Andy Samberg: wow what a fantastic match up that was two great competitors leaving it all on the line.

Ted Good: "Yes it was Andy and who would have thought that....hold on I'm just getting word that Patrick Macht is backstage right now with El Juez Junior who we haven't heard from in some time, let's see what he has to say."

The camera shows a shot of the locker room area where Patrick Macht is stood next to El Juez Junior who is pacing back and forth

Patrick Macht: I'm here with one of our newest signings El Juez Junior who's been quiet of late but I'm hoping to get some insight into this seemingly long and hostile rivalry between him and Mantis Tunks.

El Juez suddenly stops pacing and abruptly interrupts Patrick

El Juez Jr:  "Rivalry? This is no mere rivalry, no simple competition between athletes, this...this is a blood feud! a deep hatred runs between our families that has lasted generations."

Patrick Macht: "but didn't Mantis approach saying he wanted to end the hatred and the conflict?"

El Juez Jr: " I will not be so easily fooled by such empty gestures, Mantis may seem like the good guy he may appear to play the victim but I see through it all, I see the man behind the mask, the evil that lurks there and I will expose it for all to see"

El Juez Jr then grabs the microphone and looks into the camera

El Juez Jr: "Mantis, you call yourself the Aztechnican. Huh well tonight we got ourselves a submission match let's see if you live up to your name or will you just be another poor soul sentenced to death"

El Juez Junior then shoves the microphone into Patrick's chest and storms off screen.


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