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Omerta promo

Post  Guest on Fri May 08, 2015 12:34 pm

The titantron blacks out with the lights and the camera pans to it as large red O flickers in the centre of the screen like an old film player.
A figure dressed in a skull mask emerges underneath a swinging light bulb from sheer darkness, wielding a spiked baseball bat, as scenes of a sinister nature flicker black and white periodically.

The figure begins to speak

???:..Forgive me for this interruption of your scheduled show....but there is a message that must be heard by the masses....a force is coming, a great wave to repel the great corruption in the souls of fools and cowards.

The figure chuckles to himself as the crowd reacts to the interruption.

???: The fighters of this domain have lost what it is to be a REAL warrior...a champion of the masses, caring only for gold and riches whilst neglecting...honour. A concept that defines the integrity of any claimant to respect that steps between those four walls of rope.

The titantron flashes numbers and resembles the effect of video tape burning.

???:...And you may ask who am speak as I do....I am the face of Fate...a beholder of the Ring of Blood.

The figure gestures his hands into an O shape and holds it to the light

???: And what I bring...

The figure quickly parts his hands to glare menacingly into the camera

???: Is the piece...that this great puzzle misses....a little order through chaos and a bucket more blood, sweat and tears to the mixing pot. You may call me....Omeertaa.

Titantron flashes quickly between several picture sequences to a sound of flickering before returning to as it had been.

Maybe my name could be in red and the other bits in grey, just what ever is easy to see. Not sure if I posted this too late, if I have then I apologise.


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