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Pre-Match: Buuh Uuh.

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Pre-Match: Buuh Uuh.

Post  Guest on Fri Jun 26, 2015 9:46 am

The camera switches to the locker room area where's someone sit, getting duct tape around his wrists and he suddently notices the camera-man and the interviewer are there.

???: Hey, hey, hey! Who are you? What are you doing here? Don't you see this is a private locker room?!

Jason Sudeikis: Hey, mister. I was told to be here, and ask you some quick questions. What's your nam...

The wrestler interrupts Jason.

???: Please, your voice's annoying, I can't stand it, seriously. I'm Drew. Drew Wright.

Drew rises from his chair.

Drew Wright: I'm just the most skilled and complete athlete on this federation. Ah, no! I'm the most skilled and complete athlete on this business. People call me egocentric, people tell me I abuse on the show off, but I'm just the best, that's just me, and that's just in me, pardon me if you don't stand me, but I don't want to be cheered, I want to be paid, just that. I'm not gonna interpret any character, and not gonna be a "LOVE ME PLEASE" type of guy, I'm just gonna be myself, and I love being haten, I love being egocentric. I love wrestling, I love talking, I love breaking people's bodys, I love seeing children and women cry because their heros didn't win, that's me. Any more questions, Mr Jason?

Jason Sudeikis: Nope, sorry for interrupting your preparation.

Drew Wright: Just watch the match, next, and you'll notice what I meant with what I said. I'm for real.

The camera switches to the announce table.

Rhydian Jones: Real?! This guy is awesome. Give this kid a chance, give this kid a mic, give him tv time. Noone will regreat.

Andy Samberg: He's just a ego maniac, please, stop it. I'm tired of your good paintings, on someone who's just a terrible person, and has such a awful personality.

Rhydian Jones: Do you think before talking? I won't discuss this with you.

The camera fades.


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