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Omerta's pre-match speech

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Omerta's pre-match speech

Post  Guest on Fri May 22, 2015 9:57 am

The titantron flickers with a camera reel effect of a red O as Omerta by Lamb of God begins to play in the speakers to light cheering of the audience.

Omerta emerges in his usual attire of a black mask with a white skull imprinted across the front and black trench coat, briefly pausing to look over the audience before making the Ring of Blood gesture with his gloved hands.

The crowd bursts into cheers as Omerta walks down the ramp to the ring

Omerta asks for a mic to be handed to him, taking it and heads to the middle of the ring pausing a few moments to allow the audience to settle.

Omerta: Good evening ladies and gentlemen present in this venue tonight!

He pauses another moment to allow the audience to die down a bit again

Omerta: I aren't sure if any of you caught my match with the Falcon last week....if you didn't then you missed a helluva fight. But fear not my friends for I have been told that I have another match....right now!

Audience cheers louder as Omerta chuckles to himself

Omerta: It's a shame you won't be seeing Captain Falcon tonight, he is a great performer in his own right....I am...just that tad better

Omerta chuckles

Omerta: Hopefully...juuuuust hopefully my opponent tonight will bring just as much of a fight to this ring as Falcon did last week because if he doesn't...

Suddenly Chip Morris's music blares from the speakers as Chip walks slowly from the entrance with microphone in hand

Chip: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You go on and on, boring these people to death!

Crowd reaction is mixed

Chip: What even are you supposed to be anyway? Some sort of superhero? Some kind of crap like that? Huh?
Let me tell you, you ain't anything special. You're just another cheap, untalented loser and I'm gonna prove that now!

Omerta snarls raising the mic to speak

Omerta:...bring it punk!

Omerta drops the mic and takes off his entrance gear pacing back and forth across the ring as Chip Morris quickly walks down to the ring with a look of determination.

Feel free to add commentator speech, it would work well with it. I'll more than likely add some of my own for the next rp I do. My name in grey if that's permissible and I'm not sure what Chip wants.


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