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Real STAR for Paranoia

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Real STAR for Paranoia

Post  The Warden on Wed Apr 27, 2016 4:58 am

Fans are roaring with the spectacular line of event happening inside RXN Special Show. Several attendants are raising their banners, waving infront of camera while some are chanting and mimicking the famous taunts of their favorite superstar.

RXN Camera slowly pan to backstage where it shows a dashing man with ladies from both side clinging on his arms. The fastest rising star of RXN is pretty confident wearing a very optimistic attitude, a vibrant man with his perfectly toned body walk near a camera.

Gregory Star: "Finally... [Inhales while closing his eyes] I can see a Goddess smiling for me... Soon... Sweet and Elusive Glory will be mine... Now, Mr. Showtime will be part of Historia and his name will be put in wikipedia nor wrestling books... While stars like me... [Shows a nasty smirk] We always shine brighter than those old and faded ones."

Smiling cockily while the ladies behind him are clapping their hands.

Gregory Star: "Correct me with my analogy but Showtime is afraid of his own reflection... A reflection of perfection, a reflection of excellence... I am talking about his adversary tonight, none other than me... All of my loyal zealots knew it from the very beginning... [Nodding] Indeed, a man who's near to his death will accept death but I am far different from him... I am the modified version of his era... In all honesty... I respect his contribution to wrestling industry... He was a bridge for young ones, I used to watch him wrestle and fly high but this admiration will be my fuel in putting him out of his agony [Fans of Showtime Roaring] We need an upgraded version, a better one... I only mean that we need to move on, we need to progress... and that progression is ME... [Smiling Confidently] People saw his tricks... his mouth running inside and outside the ring... Does he really think he can move the crowd better than I DO... [Tongue Clicking] I don't think we capture the same quality of crowd..."

Majority of attendants are roaring and rooting for Gregory Star while others are simply cheering and paying a good tribute to Mr. Showtime.

Gregory Star: "Few minutes from now... All of people here will have a better STAR for Paranoia... A man with never ending dreams... Capacity... Talent... Character... Passion [Flexing his biceps] I know that he is expecting me at the end of this line... He is my final test to Glory and he will be my pillar in this industry... I'll bury him and from his corpse, I'll build an empire... An empire of excellence... An empire for all of the fans who fall in line and paid for those expensive seats just to witness my greatness... Tonight... Special of the House will be served for Paranoia... I'll be the final nail to Showtime's Coffin... Tonight, people of LOVE HUMPS, We will bury him in history... Coz Tonight... New Era will rise and we will rejoice as we celebrate the birth of new STAR for Paranoia."

Gregory Star makes a pose together with ladies escorting him.

Gregory Star: "Paranoia was created to be me... And as what I have said last week, I'll be getting the gold that he safe keep and polish... Now, let's give him a HELL and bring out YEAH from all of RXN fans attending tonight."

Gregory Star together with his escort ladies darts out of camera and they all head to ringside as the fans flood him with a big round of applause while chanting for his name.

Andy Samberg: "Oh Boy! Paranoia Match is next!"

Ted Good: "Test of two different era, both men are crowd pleaser but who will come on top and gain the Paranoia Championship of RXN"

Andy Samberg: "You are correct with that! Who deserves Paranoia? Will it be a "Hall of Fame" Mr. Showtime, a man with great ability that once soar up in higher ground. Or will it be a "3rd Generation Superstar", Gregory Star, building his name and rising fast in this industry."

Ted Good: "We'll see about that in few after this break."

RXN goes for a short sponsor break then segment fades to green.
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