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Paranoia Title Defense (Featuring: Brandon Flair, Mentioning: Gregory Star)

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Paranoia Title Defense (Featuring: Brandon Flair, Mentioning: Gregory Star)

Post  Mr. Showtime on Tue Apr 26, 2016 8:27 am

Mr. Showtime is shown backstage exiting his locker room with his Paranoia Championship belt draped over his shoulder. He’s wearing his wrestling tights, an RXN T-Shirt and hat, and sun glasses. He removes his sunglasses and smirks slightly at the camera.

Mr. Showtime: “Gregory Star, you're right, two weeks ago I was pinned in our tag team match. I won't deny that or make excuses. I lost. I was pinned, shoulder to the mat. But it wasn’t you! It wasn’t for this! Patting his title belt. But I did get beat. No excuses. So I went home. I went home to my parent’s ranch in western Arkansas, and I took it all in. I healed. And guess what Greggy boy, my shoulder? My shoulder that’s been hurting for the last month? It’s all better, kid! I'm ready for you! I'm not just 100%, I'm better than ever. I'm the show stoppin', heart throbbin', chin kickin' chick kissin', high flyin’ without a care, stylin’ and profilin’ like my last name was Flair…”

Just then Brandon Flair rounds the corner and walks into frame.

Brandon Flair: “Woooo!”

Brandon flicks back his hair with a little smirk on his face as he slowly walks down towards Showtime. Showtime slowly turns and looks to his left as Brandon walks towards Mr. Showtime, extending his right hand.

Brandon Flair: "Hey there Champ, how's the burden of success holding on that shoulder of yours brother!"

Brandon smirks as he stops short from Mr. Showtime. Showtime looks at his hand for a second and chuckles to himself before shaking his hand.

Mr. Showtime: “Brandon Flair… I don’t believe we’ve ever been formally introduced. Mr. Showtime. And burden?” Chuckles softly. “I wouldn’t call it a burden. But it’s pretty good, I won’t lie.”

BDR Smiles and nods looking at the gold and places his hands on his hips a moment.

Brandon Flair: "Don't worry man, I know… Who you are. I’ve been watching you all month. You got something man, a certain… Thinks a moment and rubs the side of his chin then clicks his fingers. A certain... Flair about you. I see you work week in and week out defending YOUR title but tonight I got me a little high rolling, cash making, crowed pleasing... 'Wooo' match for the R...X...N Championship so tonight I may miss your match..."

Mr. Showtime: “Maybe while you get ready for your match you should watch mine, because I guarantee you won’t want to miss it…”

Brandon smiles. He rubs back his hair and fixes his black leather half cut before looking down the hall and back to Mr. Showtime.

Brandon Flair: "However... I got to tell you... I got a bit of respect for you brother… And we'll see if this whole Championship gig don't work for us... Then... Perhaps... We may team up?”

Mr. Showtime: “The feeling of respect is mutual, but let’s see where things go. But tonight, tonight is about Championships. I’ve got to defend mine, and you’ve got to win one. So hey, tell you what, I’ll give you an answer next week. Deal?”

Mr. Showtime pats his Championship then extends his hand. BDR smiles and moves a little closer, taking Showtime’s hand and shaking it. The two men look each other in the eye as he nods. The fans can be heard in the background cheering and some "Woo's" in the background.

Brandon Flair: "OK Show... You got a deal…"

BDR walks past Showtime who smirks and nods, his smile fades quickly as he returns his focus to the camera.

Mr. Showtime: “Next week however, when I give my answer, I’ll still be your Paranoia Champion. Because Gregory, you think your star is on the rise? Hell, you probably think your star is burning brighter than ever. Fun tip: a star burns its brightest at the end. Right before it explodes into nothingness. Right before it dies.” Showtime smirks for a second, his smile quickly fades. “Are you prepared for a fight, Gregory? Are you ready to die trying to take this Championship from me because that’s what it’ll take! Bring your chairs, your ladders, your kendo sticks. Because when the dust settles, the smoke clears, and the fans hear that one… Two… Three… All eyes will be on their winner, me! You see, I’m Mr. Showtime. And Greggy Boy, what you need to know is I thrive when the pressures on. My position on the card doesn’t matter, if I open or close, I am the main event. I am the show stopper. The show stealer. The workhorse. The reason these fans put their butts in those seats. I go out there night in and night out and consistently put on the best matches in RXN. Win, lose, or draw the fans are talking about it. So kid, be prepared to be thrust into the spotlight. Be prepared for the match of your career. You’re about to step into the ring with the one and only, always imitated never duplicated, high flyin’, excitin’, always electrifyin, call your momma and tell her you love her, Gregory drop that dime ‘cuz tonight it’s SHOWTIME!”

Showtime holds his Championship high staring into the Camera before walking off screen, the screen then fading to black.
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