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I'm Thirsty, Give me PARANOIA

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I'm Thirsty, Give me PARANOIA

Post  The Warden on Tue Apr 19, 2016 9:02 pm

People of RXN under AXN Network are happy and very ecstatic with the wonderful cards presented by top management and Specter Hoffman. Suddenly the segment goes to a training room, focusing on a very busy man hitting a swinging punching bag until he break the bag then sand goes out that silence the training room.

Eventually camera zoom in and they show a very serious Gregory Star, heaving and he slowly gulp a liter of water, he noticed the camera and he move closer to make a statement before his match for tonight. As he prepare to speak, fans from ringside erupts with huge applause and some ladies are raising a fan sign while they juggle their love humps.

Gregory Star: "So... People of RXN is here to witness the training I do for Paranoia [Breathing Heavily] I am happy to see you folks, all of my loyal zealots... [Fans Roaring] But please pardon this stiff attitude I have, I am a bit tense... Indeed... Next week.... I'll have another shot to fame and this is my one shot to glory and I don't want to fail this... I know Showtime is a hard head to crack but last week... You saw it last week... The difference between the past era to new era... [Nodding] Indeed, I am pertaining to Mr. Showtime... His light has come to dim and new light will shine the Paranoia Division."

Fans roaring in approval as Gregory Star walk back and forth, shoving his wet hair, making it sleek looking then he stop in a place near to the ruptured punching bag.

Gregory Star: "Come closer people of Hardcore... You are seeing the fruit of my hardcore training under my great mentor... under the man who stood against the best of the best in Sports Entertainment... One more week from now, I'll dance inside that square ring... I'll bleed... I'll have broken bones... I might lose few teeth but it doesn't matter to me... [Grope a sand and pour it slowly into the ground] This sand... This fine sand will be the best resemblance of Mr. Showtime being beaten under the hands of a STAR... Slowly he will be empty... Will be desolated until his part of textbooks... It was true that he is skilled but he is already rusticated... His prime was over and new alpha is here to bring RXN Paranoia to a higher ground... I am sure people are tired of seeing an old school champion... As what I've said last week... Showtime is my safe keeper... his main purpose for coming back into sports entertainment is to give way to a better man... That man is none other than me... [Smiling Evilly] I have to say thank you for keeping my gold shiny... Next Week... I'll get that GOLD and put it in my sexy waist as they raise my hands and proclaim me as the new PARANOIA CHAMPION of RXN."

Gregory Star pauses and the fans roar in approval to his claim.

Gregory Star: "By the way... Tonight... I almost forgot that I have to do a business, Tonight.... I'll plant some Astro and make him my stepping stone for next week's match... My eyes is lock to PARANOIA... I'll make this masked gymnast into a sky blue, but this masked gymnast will not satiate my hunger for GLORY."

Gregory Star grabs his training bottle and he gulp the remaining water until it's empty.

Gregory Star: "What... No more water... [Greg with dissatisfied look] I guess my thirst is unquenchable... I'll only get satisfaction until I have that GOLD... Now if you'll excuse your Paranoia Champion... I some head planting to do and it's an important business to do..."

Gregory Star move out of the scene and the fans gets excitement of this young lad. Fans are chanting his name while some are yelling for Mr. Showtime, mostly oldies but still both fans are showing great appreciation with the coming match for Paranoia.
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