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Post  Tom Midas on Fri May 22, 2015 10:49 pm

We are the Champions by Queen plays as a grinning Chef walks out onto the top of the entrance ramp with a grin from ear to ear. He points to the crowd as he raises up the microphone to his lips.

Chef: "You know this might be a tad cliche, especially coming from the GM's mouth himself, but you, you are the reason that for the past two weeks, AXN has been the most must see 'new' weekly television broadcast wrestling event! Without you the fans, we wouldn't be here today bringing you the wrestling promotion that you wanted to see revive for months!"

Chef begins pacing back and forth however, before pantomiming that he has had an amazing idea.

Chef: "There's something we haven't seen much of in these past few weeks however, and that is matches that will have long term impact come two weeks from today when the Chasing Glory Pay Per View occurs, so that being said, this week will have quite a number of matches that will play a huge part in determining who faces whom then."

Rhydian: "Oh great, he's going to hand out title shots... again."

Andy: "Oh come on, don't tell me you're actually buying into the propaganda Marcurcio is spewing."

Rhydian: "Hey, all I'm saying is that out of the final 3 individuals in this tournament as of this moment, the two richest men in AXN make up 2 of them."

Andy: "Matt beat his opponent in week one easily, so did Tom. Tom won the triple threat last week by taking advantage of the situation, not by slipping the ref a twenty."

Rhydian: "You believe what you choose to believe, and I'll believe what I chose to. In the end we'll see who is right."

Chef, being somewhat annoyed by Rhydian and Andy's derailing of the topic at hand, points up to the titantron above his head, showing the faces of four individuals: Bianca LeBlanc, Riley Extreme, GermanAinor, and Captain Falcon.

Chef: "These men... and woman, will have a match tonight, and the two individuals who win shall be competing for the currently vacant Paranoia championship. Some of these individuals have had impressive wins already, and I for one cannot wait to see who wants the belt around their waist the most!"

Chef grin widens even more as he finishes that last line, before clearing his throat as a picture of the AXN championship appears on the titantron next.

Chef: "This title, the one that bares our company's name, will be contested in one of the most brutal matches ever devised... we will be having a couple of qualifying matches tonight to determine two of the 6 individuals-"

At the mention of 6 participants in the match, the more savvy members of the crowd begin to cheer loudly as they begin to realize just exactly what will happen in a fortnight.


With that, even the slightly... slower members of the audience begin cheering massively at the news, with a 'Thank you Chef' chant beginning as well. With that, Chef wishes all of the individuals in the qualifying matches tonight the best of luck... or attempts to over the crowd's reaction, and turns and exits back into the backstage area.

Rhydian: "Now the fans are cheering for a match that shortens... ends even, careers. Anyone with half a brain will choose to wait for a better opportunity, one with less of a physical toll on the line."

Andy: "You and I both know that pride is a difficult thing to overcome for any wrestler's career."

Rhydian: "You and I also both know that recklessness is sometimes a death sentence when it comes to any wrestler's career."

As the two commentary partners continue to argue, the first match begins to get under way as the first of the two competitors makes their entrance.
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