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Post  BDR on Wed Apr 20, 2016 11:46 pm

The fans all scream as  Convoy theme song hits the P.A speakers. The fans cheer as the camera looks to the entrance of the arena.  The  The camera comes on seeing fans all are enjoying the show so far and some celebrities are seen around ringside. Soon a big Black truck cab is seen driving into the arena. The truck, honks the horn a number of times as the lights flash. The fans all chant -"BDR..BDR..BDR"..

Andy Samberg:" Here he is, the man who got beaten last week by that Bulldog Mike Hawks. "

Ted Good:"That's right, this guy is or has two be feeling the pain after that match last week Andy."

Brandon climbs out wooing and jumps down from the cab wearing his blue jeans, red flannel shirt and a black leather half cut, with silver BDR written on the back. In his left hand that is now taped up, he holds a number of red and white hats that he starts to throw into the fans, who go wild trying to catch. BDR smiles and wooh's to the fans and makes his way up towards the ring. He takes a mic from Andy and walks up the steel steps into the ring. In the ring he smiles looking around before Wooing a few times two the fans as the Music fades. Brandon Thinks for a few moments as he Gingerly walks around the ring to some chants of "BDR...BDR...BDR..." He nods and looks to the floor a moment and back to the fans as he places the Mic to his mouth.

BDR:" You know..when this tournament started 3 or 4 weeks ago, Little did i think that I would be one of the men standing here tonight."

Again the fans all start to cheer and clap for a few moments before simmering down a little.

BDR:" We started out with like what?  -BDR rubs his head for a moment- 16 men going in and now its down to...4 men fighting for one of the RXN championship title."

Ted Good:"He is right..It has been one hell of a journey for all involved each and every week Andy."

BDR:" There has been blood, sweat and tears shed in this very ring the last 4 weeks. All the work that has come from everyone from..The floor cleaners all the way up to management to the crew and people backstage in the shops have ALL worked flat out for this show here...tonight!"  

-Again the fans all cheer as the camera pans around showing many happy faces and goes back to the ring to BDR Who also gives a little clap before Tossing back his hair and takes a deep breath.-

BDR:"HOWEVER..IT is not over yet.. tonight..Myself and 4 others will be here in this very ring and we will be face to face..side to side..back to back..fighting,biting, clawing..kicking..our way in this ring to be able to be called the champion,and I FOR ONE KNOW THAT I WILL GIVE MORE THAN 100% OF MYSELF TO THAT MATCH!"

Again the fans all cheer loudly. Brandon shakes his head and puts his right hand up a little and moves a round the ring smiling.

BDR:" Guys..guys please...No offence but if you keep cheering i won't be able to finish and..believe me.we have a long night to go if you could please let me finish..-Brandon Gives a little Laugh As some of the fans cheer and laugh along for a moment-.

BDR:" But really, tonight You all get to see the Nature Boy Junior  coming out here, styling and profiling and getting all the girls to go wild brother..WOO" -DOES A LITTLE ROLL OF THE HIPS AND A LITTLE FLAIR STRUT.- "because that is what i do.. i am a flair brother..I am not a small fry that can not get the Job DONE..IN THIS..VERY RING.." -Points to some of the fans as he talks-

BDR:" Tonight you people are going to get the champion you deserve, one of the best champions of RXN history..tonight it won't matter who you are..Devon or Setanta or whatever son of a (censored) comes out here tonight, you gotta understand that tonight you will get the best..and ONLY THE BEST.."WOO" OF FLAIR!"  AND IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS BROTHER....."

BDR rips of his half cut and drops it on the ring floor, he then runs and bounces of one side of the ropes and hits a diving elbow onto it,getting up,he runs hitting the ropes on the other side, bouncing of and hits a second elbow before getting up, grabbing his left arm, that is bandaged as he woos to the fans and the camera zooms out and fades.

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