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Candy meets Hieu

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Candy meets Hieu

Post  Guest on Tue May 19, 2015 9:39 pm

The cameras return from the break and catch Hieu walking down the hall backstage. AXN interviewer Candy Kane catches him from behind and stops him

Candy: Hieu! You don't mind if I stop you for some questions do you?

Hieu looks at the petite interviewer, smiles then answers

Hieu: No I don't mind.

Candy: I want to address your match with Tidal last week. Neither of you seemed particularly happy with the result at first. Comments?

Hieu: No we weren't satisfied. This isn't the first time I've clashed with Tidal. And in the past, we've fought to pretty even results. Nothing would've been more satisfying to either of us, than to beat the other. For the referee to call the match a draw when neither of us were done yet was completely idiotic.

Candy: Well you'll both get your chance to prove who's better tonight. Our GM Shepherd Blue has announced that you will be facing Tidal again tonight and this time, there will be more on the line than bragging rights.

Hieu: Is that right?

Candy: Yep. Your match with Tidal tonight will be for a spot in the elimination chamber match for the AXN Championship at the upcoming Chasing Glory PPV.

Hieu: (smiles) Well isn't this an interesting twist. I didn't really need any motivation to beat Tidal before but now, I definitely won't lose. I guess Shep finally realized what's best for business.

Candy: And what, may I ask, is that?

Hieu: Me; With championship gold around my waist.

Candy: You haven't even earned a spot in the elimination chamber yet but you already believe that you will be AXN Champion? Don't you think you're getting a little ahead of yourself?

Hieu: I'm not going to answer that. All I'm going to tell you is to stay watch my match tonight with Tidal. Your question will be answered in that match.

Hieu turns away from Candy and continues to whatever destination he was headed to before he was stopped by Candy and the camera fades to black.

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