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Taking a Stand (Open to Hieu)

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Taking a Stand (Open to Hieu)

Post  Jason Storm on Mon Jul 13, 2015 12:17 am

The screen fades into the sea of cheering fans, anticipating what is going to happen next as the lights in the arena dim down and “Adrenaline” by Shinedown blares out of the PA system. Jason Storm walks down the ramp visibly frustrated. He acts as if the fans cheering for him are not even there as he makes his way into the ring. Once inside of the ropes, he motions for an attendant to give him a microphone as the music fades to silence.

Jason Storm: “So this is how it’s going to be Rosario…being blindsided by cheap attacks...”

The crowd beings to simmer down and sit back in their seats, listening to what Jason is saying.

Jason Storm: “…for what…not joining your silly bunch of groupies. If that is how you want to play it…then so be it. I don’t need to stoop down to your level to be better than you, or the rest of your brainwashed members of the so called ‘Revenants’.”

Booing chants, directed towards the mentioning of the Revenants, break out in the arena.

Jason Storm: “If you think you can come to AXN, attack a few members of the roster and myself, one of the most prestigious champions this company has ever seen, and take over this business…then you are sadly mistaken. Because I know for damn sure that your group that you are babysitting, has nothing compared to the talent that we have here in AXN.”

Those booing chants quickly change into cheers and applause.

Jason Storm: “Now before you go and run off and figure out how you guys will blindside next, let me warn you that I will not stand for this kind of stuff to happen here. That may have worked for you in other companies, but AXN is not like anything you have ever seen before.”

The cheering slowly fades away.

Jason Storm: “You see, what we have here in AXN isn’t just raw talent, we have dedication, enthusiasm and pride for what we do here. So anyone who thinks they can just stroll on in through the front doors and walk back out with all of the titles….well those people would be sadly mistaken.”

Some fans around the arena stand up to applaud Jason for his devotion.

Jason Storm: “Know I know I am not the only one here in AXN that feels this same way, so before you think about going after someone, remember, you have me to deal with……”

(This is where Hieu will make an appearance Very Happy
Jason Storm

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Re: Taking a Stand (Open to Hieu)

Post  Guest on Tue Jul 14, 2015 7:07 pm

At this moment Hate Me Now by Nas(Instrumental) begins playing over the PA system and the fans' attention turns to the stage where Hieu walks out with a mic in hand. Hieu takes a look around the arena before his gaze fixes upon Jason in the middle of the ring. After a minute of silence, Hieu begins a slow clap and smirks.

Hieu: Great speech Jason. Really, wonderful job.

The crowd is silent

Hieu: I have to admit, you are a very brave soul Jason. To come out here alone, no backup, no security and call out the very people who left you lifeless on the mat last week is commendable. Or is it stupid?

Hieu makes his way down the ramp and climbs into the ring with Jason.

Hieu: But you know what? For the first time and quite possible the last time, I agree with you.

Audible gasps from the crowd are heard throughout the arena

Hieu: I know we haven't quite seen eye to eye in the past but given the circumstances, I think we can set our differences aside for the better of AXN.

Hieu turns his attention to the fans

Hieu: It's like my buddy Jason said, you're not going to just waltz through AXN's doors, OUR doors, and stake claims to everything you see. That's not how it works. You thought you could just pick on one of AXN's best at a time but you are sadly mistaken. You want AXN? Then you'll have to go through me as well.

Cheers erupt from the crowd

Hieu: Now before you do something you regret, We'll give you until the end of the show tonight to give up this crusade. Otherwise, you're not going to like what comes next.

So what do you say Jason, how bout we rid ourselves of this pest. Then, we can go back to some unfinished business.

Hieu extends his hand towards Jason who shakes it and the cheers in the arena become deafening as the camera fades to black.


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Re: Taking a Stand (Open to Hieu)

Post  Guest on Wed Jul 15, 2015 12:22 am

great role play guys Surprised #Jason'sNumber1Fan


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Re: Taking a Stand (Open to Hieu)

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