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Ready for the future

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Ready for the future

Post  Alexander Svart on Wed Apr 27, 2016 2:59 pm

The titantron lights up showing Specter Hoffman sitting behind his desk in his office

Specter Hoffman: Ladies and Gentlemen! We have been through so much tonight and there is still more to come! I just want to thank all of you for following us through our journey and, as the PPV is so well named, our Rising!
We have soared through the skies and proven over and over again why this is the show to watch!
This leads me to tonights Main Event. The Fatal Four Way match for the RXN Championship! Setanta, Brandon Flair, Devan Little and Frankie O'Donald have all fought so well to deserve this spot and they all deserve to be here! But there can only be one winner and the winner of this match will change the entire future for RXN! I want all the contestants to know that there are so much at stake tonight and this is not the time to drop the ball!
I hope all of you are ready for tonights Main Event and I hope all of you are ready for the future!

We Are The Future

The titantron shuts down
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