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The future

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The future

Post  Emily Scott on Fri May 22, 2015 5:53 pm

The action switches from ringside to the back, where Candy Cane can be seen stood by Emily Scott.
Emily is dressed in her usual ring attire, made up a black catsuit and shiny leather boots. She seems nervous as she stands waiting for Candy to speak.

Candy: Hey AxN viewers, I am here with Emily Scott, who made her in ring debut last week against Jason Storm. Jason won that match when she tapped out to a torture rack in the middle of the ring.
Unfortunately I was unable to speak to you last week, so could you explain how it felt to make your debut?

Emily: Candy, it was great to finally get out there and appear in that ring in front of AXN fans.

Candy: Even though you lost?

Emily: hmmph, I may have lost, but as my brother would tell you, sometimes you have to lose the battles to win the war.
Personally though, I would rather think of it as being the first meeting between future superstars here.
A first chapter of what could be a career long rivally, one which the fans will enjoy every time it happens.
They can look back and ask "where were you when these two legends first met".

Candy: An interest take and a big assumption that you will both be stars..

Emily: Assumption? ASSUMPTION???
Candy, let me make this simple for you.
This was no assumption, no guess or a dream.
Jason is someone who will go on to great things and everyone can see it.
Those old relics James Dean and Scardex can see it and it scares them. Why else come out and take away from our moment?

Candy: Those guys are both veterans of the business, I am sure they were just keeping an eye on the competition.

Emily: Veterans? More like relics scared of losing the spotlight or more importantly their big fat pay check.
The reality is they are nothing more than dinosaurs waiting to be made extinct.
Talking of extinct, my opponent tonight, Duke I believe his name is.
Well Duke is going to be another first for me here.
My first win, my first step towards a legacy and there is nothing he can do to prevent it.
Because tonight, tonight I hear my destiny calling.

With that Emily turns and storms out of shot before it fades to black.
Emily Scott
Emily Scott

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