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Ex LOC|MWA talent in AXN locker room?

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Ex LOC|MWA talent in AXN locker room?

Post  Guest on Wed Nov 18, 2015 4:09 pm

Camera fade in at the announcing table

Andy: We're having one hell of a night New faces in the roster many news in AXN we're expending and it's incredible.

Jones: Do not forget this company almost died during the long break and the negotiations were intense.Let's say AXN not only survived but came out better.

Andy: About the improvements of the company,They signed all members of The Revenants I don't know if it's a good for business thing or a bad thing and I mean they are trouble to every damn one in the roster.

Jones: Let me stop you right there did you know they are one of the top reasons why we have full arenas? People might boo them when they come out but they have Helena Noir and Henri Black who are two of the most popular in the roster which means they are money makers

Andy: A good for a bad thing...

Jones: Plus Big Boss Rosario is a business man don't forget he was an important member of the roster when AXN was created he manage to get a deal with Spike Tv so AXn could get more viewers.

Andy: True in other words he helped the expansion more than I though I can't deny his businessman skills and some rumors says he is bringing back some of his wrestling school rookies in AXN in matter of fact some of them are in the back watching the show and speaking with the staff.

Jones: Rumors says The Torture Chamber DiviZion is coming back but I don't know if BBG accepted a deal with AXN.

Andy: That would be awesome to have them in action for our crowd they were very impressive back in League Of Champions
imagine in AXN!!

The camera switch his view to the backstage showing up some of the talents talking backstage with some of the AXn roster
as the fans start to cheer recognizing some rookies.

Jones: Seems like our fans already like them.

Andy: They will love them once they step in this very ring but enough talking let's proceed with more AXN once we're back from the commercials


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Re: Ex LOC|MWA talent in AXN locker room?

Post  Guest on Wed Nov 18, 2015 6:53 pm



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