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Chef shoots the messenger

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Chef shoots the messenger

Post  King Krimsin on Fri Jul 24, 2015 9:00 pm

The shot opens in the office of AXN GM Shepherd “Chef” Blue.  He is in front of his desk, half sitting half standing against it, arms folded, and looking expectantly toward the door.

He looks down at his watch, and then refolds his arms.  He appears as a man trying to remain patient, but appears to be doing so in spite of his patience running thin.

Chef :  K..  Where are these guys...?

He speaks to himself, just above a whisper, in a sing-songy manner.  Several seconds tick away, before a knock is finally heard coming from door.

Chef wags his head, as he feigns professionalism in his tone of voice.

Come in, please!

The door clicks open, and it is a mere second before the source, or sources, of his impatience come striding into the picture.

Marcurcio the Mauve waltzes up to within a couple of feet from Chef, as his towering counterpart, King Krimsin, strides up behind him.

Marcurcio :  Good evening, Mr. Blue.

Marcurcio’s tone clearly feigns respect.  Chef does the same.

Chef :  AH, yes!  And good evening to YOU, Marcurcio!  And to you as well, Captain Krimsin.. er.. I mean.. King Krunch.. doh..

The crowd jeers, and laughs.  However, King Krimsin’s face locks into a deep, devilish, scowl.  Marcurcio looks on with an even face, completely unamused.

He cuts Chef off.

Marcurcio :  Respectfully, Mr. Blue... You have called us here for...?

Chef :  Aha!  Right to business!  I like that!

Chef clears his throat, and stands up from his lean on the desk.  He takes a step closer to Marcurcio, almost up in his face at this point.

As you have probably already been made aware, we have yet to catch the two pieces of trash that attacked Tom Midas two weeks ago...

He looks incredulously at each man individually before continuing.

...  And after having hired a team of private investigators, and consulting with your legal team.. A.K.A Marcurcio..  We have decided to suspend the investigation for now, as it has turned up no leads.

He pauses for a second, as Marcucio grins arrogantly at him.  King Krimsin still looks as if he would enjoy nothing more than to destroy everything he sees.

Now.. Speaking of legal teams...  Matter number two!  You!

Chef’s eyes narrow to slits, and he takes one more step up and to the side, to single out King Krimsin.

You remember that little stunt you pulled last week?  You know.. The one where you pulled that kid out of the crowd, and brutally beat him up?

For once King Krimsin cracks a bit of a smirk.  He grunts, and however quickly the smirk had appeared, it vanishes again.  Chef continues, talking down to Krimsin as if he were a child.

Oookay?  I’ll take that as a yes...  Well, here’s the thing.  Among a thousand other reasons why that may have been the -stupidest- thing you could -possibly- do.. Is the main reason I called you here...

That kid..?  Was seventeen.

Neither Marcucio, nor King Krimsin, show any signs of following where Chef is going with this and how it could possibly be wrong.

So...  Needless to say!  We have quite a mess on our hands here, and YOUR actions not only lead to the hospitalization of a CHILD...  But are going to cost this corporation a LOT of money!!

He pauses, and looks at the two.  Then he turns back to Krimsin.

You’re suspended without pay until the legal ramifications are resolved.. Unless they want to press criminal charges.  In which case.. Bye bye for a LOONG time!   You will be seen out of the building immediately.

Marcurcio :  He knows his way...  Your idiot security staff will only stand to wind up next to that kid from last week in a hospital bed.

Marcurcio gives a curt nod to his counterpart.  King Krimsin gives a defiant grunt, and begrudgingly saunters out of the office.

Chef :  Now... As for you, Marcurcio the Mauve.

Chef displays a great deal of sarcasm and disdain in the way he says Marcurcio’s surname.

Marcurcio :  Me??  Seems your matter is resolved, is it not?  I am but a mere servant...  I do only as my King bids me do...

Chef’s eyes again narrow to slits, and he puts a stiff finger into Marcurcio’s chest.

Chef :  First of all.. It isn’t even the slightest stretch to say I could punish you for your role in last week’s debauchery as well!!  Second?  I might not be able to -prove- you guys attacked Tom Midas two weeks ago...  But I AM the GM...  And what I -can- do is book you in a match and let karma sort itself out!

The crowd cheers loudly, and Marcurcio gives a blank stare.  A split second later, he snaps out of his stare, and begins to chuckle.

Marcurcio :  I am no wrestler, Mr. Blue!  Haha.  As I said before, I live only to serve my King!  I’ve never even been in a match before!  Plenty of fights, sure!  But never one with rules!  Ha ha ha!

Chef is now the one who looks unamused.

Chef :  Well, you’re not a wrestler... No.  But you are under contract with AXN as a -talent-...  Loosest stretch of the word, I’ll admit..  But that means I can book you however I want!  And tonight, I think you should have a match with Charles McBright!!

Again, the crowd cheers.  Marcurcio stares daggers at Chef.  Apparently the gravity of what Chef is enacting here is beginning to set in for him.  And, he looks pissed.  It is a few seconds, before he says anything at all.

Marcurcio :  Very well, Mr. Blue.  If its vengeance for two crimes, I didn’t commit, that you want.. Then, as you say, you are the GM...  You may have it!

Chef smiles, but Marcurcio isn’t done speaking yet.

However, I do not think you understand what exactly you are getting Mr. McBright into here...

Chef :  Oh?  Then, please!  Enlighten me!

Marcurcio’s voice becomes measured, and threatening.  The deep, rich, baritone gives way to a nasty, snarling growl.

You’re vengeance will come at a price, Mr. Blue.  Mr. McBright will be the one to pay it...  Does that seem fair enough to you?

Chef looks on skeptically.

Chef :  Umm.. If you can manage to somehow beat Charles McBright in a one fall match, then.. Well good for you!  But, suffice it to say that I have my doubts...

Marcurcio draws in a deep breath.

Marcurcio :  Very well, Mr. Blue.  Let the gods’ lust for battle never go unsatiated when it is I who am called!  And make no mistake Mr. Blue.. I will hurt him tonight.

Marcurcio walks off indignantly.  Chef watches as he leaves, and seems to be unable to believe what he has just heard from the former.
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