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Rileys Intro to axn

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Rileys Intro to axn

Post  Guest on Wed May 13, 2015 8:44 pm

*The Camera crew and jason sudeikis walk in the male bathroom as they approach the sinks riley turns around with a knife in his hand and blood on his face and hands*

Jason Sudeikis: you have an up in coming match what do you hope to achieve

*Riley Starts to talk in a deep croaky voice*

Riley Extreme: I don't hope I know what going to happen i am going to give my opponents the beating of a lifetime

Jason Sudeikis: the universe thinks different what do you have to say about that

Riley Extreme: i can care less what the universe has to say about my matches because i bet half of them don't have the guts to do what i do day in and day out

Jason Sudeikis: you are a very unknown superstar right known do you hope to change that

Riley Extreme: the time will come when i will headline this fed but in the meantime i have to deal with this situation until better opportunity's come up

Jason Sudeikis: well i'm Jason Sudeikis with another amazing interview

*the camera fades away as riley starts to bang his head against the wall*


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