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Post  Daitezen on Tue Apr 26, 2016 9:27 am

The cameras cut to the arena, panning around to see the thousands in attendance this night, waiting to see what else is in store for them in RXN. Suddenly, the sound of organs plays through the arena, the cameras begin to shake, it almost feels as though the earth is quaking, or the arena itself is falling apart. Suddenly the lights cut out, and everything stops.

Silence. Almost, the sound of the crowd has hushed to whispers, a brief calm before panic begins to set in, as there are shouts and screams, trying to work out what is going on. Momentarily unnoticed, the frame of the titantron begins to glow white. Static appears on the screen, and the crowd settles a little, as in black and white, a silhouette appears. A voice is heard, deep, purposeful, but not loud, so an eerie silence settles over everyone as they listen to what is said.

The life between the ropes, bound in one spotlight stage.
Much better to be burnt in passions fire than fade away.
Caught between the cold-hearted violence and the rage.
A brutal game of life and death that we all chose to play.

The pinnacle to sit upon the victors elevated throne.
A golden gift of glory lies in each warriors trail.
A summit where one proud fighter stands alone.
For a time at least, till another takes the holy grail.

A warning though for all who'd go to war this night.
No need for fiction, beyond where demons fear to tread.
Instead, beware the twisted embodiment of fight.
More than willing to turn the green night in to red.

Redemption comes in the cycle of Ouroboros's path.
What has been lost in time shall always rise again.
To turn each once strong warrior to a broken epitaph.
Coming soon... the rebirth of... Daitezen.

On the screen, the silhouette fades, and Daitezen's name appears, along with a mix of symbols エリス flashing on the screen, and finally... the number 5. The lights return to normal, and the crowd, not knowing what quite to think, return to a modicum of normality before the show continues.

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