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RXN PPV // Respect, Not Forgiveness

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RXN PPV // Respect, Not Forgiveness

Post  Guest on Mon Apr 25, 2016 8:01 am

To be placed somewhere after the Losers' Rumble.

With the camera panning backstage now, the cheers and chants of the crowd slowly slide down into a lower tone, their eyes averting upwards to the large screen which begins showing the scene of the backstage area. The Losers’ Rumble has taken place a few moments ago now, the winner, Frankie O’Donald being the man from many to have the opportunity to participate in the grand main event of RXN: Special. As the evening proceeds, so does the camera showing the backstage area, the trusty Patrick Macht in front of the lens, leading the line towards the locker room of Setanta.

Turning to face the camera for a single moment, the warm smile of Patrick graces the screen as he stands smartly dressed, a fitted suit on his body as normal, microphone in hand like always.

Patrick Macht: Hello RXN – we’re on our way to get a word with one of our finalists for tonight’s main event: Setanta. And with that thrilling rumble now over, let us see if we can get a word in before the big match tonight.

Reaching the door of The Jackal, Patrick Macht knocks three times in rapid succession, before slowly opening the locker room entrance and entering the room with the cameraman following loyally. Inside you can see Setanta in his ring gear, preparing for his match later on in the evening. Setanta gives a brief glance to the camera, a look of focus and determination on his face while he tapes up his wrists, the signature Jackal t-shirt covering his muscular torso.

In the corner, you can see a small TV which was airing the battle royal, though it is now turned off. Clearly, Setanta has seen the outcome of the Losers’ Rumble and now knows the fourth player in the RXN Championship fight.

Moving up next to Setanta, Patrick lifts the microphone to his own lips and focuses his sight upon the British superstar.

Patrick Macht: Evening Setanta – I can see you’re getting ready for the main event tonight, so I won’t take too much of your time, but I’ve gotta ask since the whole world wants to know: what happened last week against Alexander Svart?

Setanta continues to look down towards his hands while he wraps them up in white tape, a light smirk forming upon his mouth as a small chuckle leaves his lips. Raising his head, he looks at Patrick and sighs.

Setanta: What happened? Isn’t it obvious? A filthy pest cost me a victory; though I can’t exactly fault him too much, since I cost him a match in the past. Perhaps he is learning that you need to do what you must in this business.

Patrick Macht: Oh? So what, does this mean that you’ve already forgiven Frankie for his actions toward you last week?

Setanta: Forgiven? Oh, hardly. You see, that burst of rage and revenge that came from him made me respect the man a little more. Sure, he’s a fool…but to anger the future King of RXN? Aha…I won’t lie, I was furious at first, though I learned to see the amusing side of it soon after. But to your point, Patrick…forgiven? No. He earned my respect. He amused me. He succeeded at what I didn’t expect him to with my downfall for that one night…and now I will rip him apart for it. When you anger a King, Patrick…there has to be consequences. Frankie O’Donald will have his ugly head booted from his feeble shoulders for nothing more than five seconds of glory, so I hope his little moment was worth it, because by winning that rumble all he has done is throw himself into the Jackal’s den. I already had plans to brutalize him, yet he's played himself right into my sights without me even having to do anything. Tonight is where I will remind him why you never test me. You’re a smart man, Patrick – do you think Frankie will end this ridiculous campaign with the belt in his hand?

Patrick Macht nods his head briefly, remaining focused on Setanta.

Patrick Macht: Well, he’ll have a good portion of momentum on his side from winning the Losers’ Rumble earlier which—

Setanta grabs the mic and turns it back towards his own mouth.

Setanta: And how conveniently named – the “losers’ rumble.” Setanta chuckles deviously, with sheer amusement as he shakes his head. Yes, the Losers’ Rumble; how appropriate for Frankie to take part in that match, considering he and every other imbecile in that match are losers not fit to bear the title of champion. Frankie is and always will be a loser, so winning that rumble just shows everyone how having him in the spotlight next to the word is nothing but natural – I’ve said before that he is formidable and that’s no lie, but there is always a place for people like him in this world and unfortunately for him, that place is not at the top. That place was made for people like me, and in the case of RXN, no one but me.

Setanta flings his roll of tape to the floor and snatches the microphone from Patrick, showing a hint of his mean streak while his eyes pierce towards the camera.

Setanta: So Frankie, congratulations on earning yourself an extra beating tonight – the damage you caused me last week will be repaid in full and the shattering of your dreams will be my gift to you. And as for Brandon and Devan, I suppose my lack of wording towards either of you show just how meaningless you both are in the grand scheme of things. Well done for making it this far, though after tonight your names will not be spoken; and then again in years to come, your names will simply not be remembered. When I look at either of you, just like with Frankie, I’m sorry to say but the crown does not fit, nor shall it – the title is coming home with me tonight, don’t risk yourselves chasing a dream, or you’ll find me as your nightmare.

Pressing the microphone into the chest of Patrick, the camera slowly starts to fade out as Setanta moves away, continuing his preparation.


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