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The return of the wolf ( open to anyone )

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The return of the wolf ( open to anyone )

Post  Guest on Wed Nov 18, 2015 4:01 pm

The next contestant plays in the big speakers of the arena as soon Ventura comes out from backstage the crowd irrupts in cheers giving the AXN original and son of Big Boss Rosario a standing ovation.

Ventura The Big Bad Wolf makes his way to the ring with his black leather jacket and black shades shaking hands with his fans

Jones: BooOoOoOoO! I hate this guy nothing like his father!

Andy: Another surprise in AXN the comeback of The Big Bad Wolf! Don't hate on him cause you can't wrestle like him Jones!

Ventura continues towards the announcing and stops to give a handshake to Andy.

Andy: Good to see you back kid!

Ventura smirk and as soon he turns his head towards Jones he gives him the middle finger and slides in the ring.

Andy: Seems like it's mutual big ''LOL''

Jones: Shut Up Andy!

Ventura stands in the middle of the ring ready to address to the people

The ring announcer hangs him the microphone while the crowd slowly goes completely silence

Ventura brings the mic to his chin and say...

Ventura: I'm back!

Jones: No (censored)!

Andy: Jones...

Ventura: I couldn't wait more than that to join back my first and true home with all of you.

the crowd cheers for the man

Ventura: Axn is the place of opportunities and I will always be grateful cause this company believed in me while others who I share blood with didn't. Not only I came back for you or I but for my father Big Boss Rosario so he can see how great I Am...How wrong he always been about me.

The crowd when they heard the name of The Leader of The Revenants

Ventura: So let's cut it short right now and go straight to the point DAD I want a match against you and I want it now!!!

The crowd goes crazy and chant Ventura's name for a short moment

Andy: I can't believe what I just heard he challenged Big Boss!

Jones: And I hope he will accept so he can shut his son's mouth for good!

Ventura: Come on Dad don't be afraid to step in after all I'm just a regular wrestler no? No future? No a Rosario right? It should be easier for an old Veteran like you!

( Open to anyone )


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