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Too Many Shots (open to The Revenants)

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Too Many Shots (open to The Revenants)

Post  Tom Midas on Wed Nov 04, 2015 9:15 pm

Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer begins to play, and the crowd begins to wildly cheer for the returning Tom Midas as he steps out onto the entrance ramp. The jovial mood quickly turns to one of confusion as he is quickly followed out by another man, who happens to be in a business suit, and then finally by Shep.

Rhydian: "Well, I imagine that Mr. Midas has some interesting news to give us. If the rumors are true, they pertain specifically to Mr. Blue."

Andy: "We've finally returned from a super long break Rhydian! Why do you have to be so negative right out of the gate?"

Rhydian rolls his eyes at his colleagues optimism.

Rhydian: "Oh I'm sorry, you're totally right, these three men are here to wish Mr. Blue a happy birthday."

Before Andy can ask if it really is Shep's birthday, the three men enter the ring, and Tom raises the microphone to his lips. Ask the crowd cheers once more, he gives a slight grin, before shaking his head, causing the crowd's reaction to dampen quicker.

Tom: "As you all know by now, we've had a series of unfortunate... incidents that have delayed our television tapings... by a great deal."

The crowd boos massively at this, but this causes Tom to frown, however the unknown man breaks out into a rather large grin. Shep, standing towards the back, looks as white as a ghost.

Tom: "Well you see, the AXN board of directors have determined that these incidents, namely an alarming amount of unprovoked assaults outside of the squared circle, have been caused by relative inaction by then current general manager, a certain Shep Blue."

The crowd, catching on to what this is, begins too boo loudly, causing Tom to grimace visibly before continuing.

Tom: "So rather unfortunately, I've been placed into the unenviable position of choosing between my business, my financial investment... and a friend."

Tom turns to Shep, who smiles ever so slightly for a moment at that final word, but then makes a hand motion to tell Tom to continue.

Tom: "I know this wont be a popular decision, but is the need of one vs the need of many. There are over one hundred members of staff in AXN, both in and out of the ring. I can't put their livelihood on the line for any one man or woman, no matter who or what they mean to me, so effective immediately, Shepard Blue is no longer General Manager of AXN, taking over will b-"

Tom is cut off by the third man, who takes the microphone from his hands and shoos him out of the spotlight, an action which is none too well received by the crowd.

???: "Hello AXN universe, I'm (???) and I'd like to say hello to all of you adoring fans, and I'm sure some of you will know who I am already, but my past is not the point at the moment... It is indeed unfortunate what has occurred to Mr. Blue, but I've come up with a solution in allowing you to stay and be able to interact with you former employees, coworkers, etc. I'll also remind both of you that Mr. Blue is still signed to a contract to AXN."

Shep raises an eyebrow as Tom leans in to whisper something to him.

???: "No need to fret, Mr. Midas. This shall not be an attempt to spite my predecessor. No strings attached or anything... the one catch though..."

??? grin widens deeply, as he holds up a single finger.

???: "You'll get to keep a cushy desk job... if, and only if, you win a match tonight!"

Andy: "WHAT?!?"

Rhydian: "I suppose this isn't the birthday present he wished for, eh Andy?"

Tom grabs ???'s arm and drags it close enough that his voice can be picked up by the microphone.

Tom: "A tag team match with me right? Or a match against a stude-"

??? pulls his arm back before tut-tutting Tom

???: "No need to spoil that surprise yet Mr. Midas. But unfortunately no, it wont be a tag team match. How will Mr. Blue be able to prove his worth if you take the brunt of the punishment, or attempt to use your monetary clout to protect him? No, it will be a singles match, and to make it even more interesting, if that opponent happens to win the match, they will become number one contender to the Paranoia Championship."

At this point, the color that had been left in Shep's face is completely drained, and he looks like his preferred location at this moment would instead be next to a trash can. Tom attempts to help him relax, and asks one final question.

Tom: "WHO is he facing then?"

??? doesn't need to answer, however, as Requiem for a Dream plays almost exactly as Tom finishes his sentence, and the quartet known as The Revenants walk out onto the stage.


(will edit in ???'s name when Prayme reminds me of TCD's GM's full name Razz)

What this will be mostly for you guys will be up to you as a group (buddy buddy with the heel gm, or stay separate but thank him for the opportunity and "joke" about Shep being worthy competition, etc.) and eventually revealing Helena is gonna be his opponent. I can/will provide rebuttals from Tom or Shep if needed Smile

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Re: Too Many Shots (open to The Revenants)

Post  Helena Noir on Thu Nov 05, 2015 3:12 pm

Andy: "Oh no, I don't like how things are turning for Shep..."

Big Boss Rosario enters the ring and moves straight towards Idris, ignoring Midas and Blue. He stands right in front of the new General Manager, staring at him in silence for some seconds and taking puffs from his cigar, while the rest of the Revenants are waiting on the opposite corner. Suddenly with a smile, Rosario extends his hand to mister Jackson, who quickly follows and shakes it. Then Big Boss grabs a microphone.

BBR: "Well it's nice to see you again mister Jackson. And it's even better considering that you are here ready to take over from this weak, unworthy and no good at all piece of garbage that used to ran things so poorly around here"

Big Boss tosses his cigar against Shep's chest, mocking him. Tom Midas quickly steps forward towards Prayme but the former General Manager immediatly stops him, as soon as he notices that Hennerz, Helena Noir and Henri Black are approaching him threateningly.

BBR: "Be smart Tommy boy, do your math. There are four of us and only two on your side. Or I should say, one and half"

He starts laughing but the crowd's boo quickly overwhelms him. Rosario turns again to Idris Jackson.

BBR: "I know you're all about fair opportunities Idris, and I really appreciate how you'tre giving good ol' Shep a chance to keep a job in this company, one simple job where he can't mess things up as he did recently. I believe we're still looking for a janitor right?"

Again Prayme's lughter is followed by the negative reaction of the AXN fans

BBR: "Enough is enough i guess , let's get serious for a moment. I know what you're thinking mr Jackson. What better opponent for Shep than one of the Revenants, the most dominant force in wrestling? Will it your freshly crowned AXN champion, Henri Black?"

Henri takes a step forward, raising his title over his head.

BBR: "Hey he could use that shot at the Paranoia Championship and unify it with the AXN title... Or maybe, you'd like the see the Queen Of Pain herself in action? Trust me, leave him ten minutes in the ring with Helena, maybe even less, and you can be sure that you'll never heard of Shepard Blue ever again"

Helena takes a bow, and blows a kiss to the former General Manager.

BBR: "Or maybe it will be the Nomadic Soul Hennerz getting rid of him once and for all. Heck, I believe that even Hayley would be able to beat Shep!"

Again Rosario mocks the former GM with a laugh. Hennerz anyway, is still leaning on the ropes, like he doesn't care.

BBR: "It's your call Idris..."

Prayme is interrupted by Helena Noir placing a hand over his shoulder, forcing him to turn back. The Queen Of Pain takes the mic from his grasp.

Helena Noir: "Wait a minute... You see, from my point of view, I should already be number one contender for the Paranoia Championship, since I defeat Barbie back at Standing United. But since things seems to work funny around here, apparently I need to earn once again that spot. Mister Jackson, if all I need to do to prove that I deserve that title is to take out some trash for you..."

She quickly looks back at Shepard.

Helena Noir: "... So be it!!"
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Re: Too Many Shots (open to The Revenants)

Post  Guest on Sat Nov 07, 2015 8:38 pm

Man i missed this unfortunately i lost my laptop i will send him to repair
Great role play its epic <3


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Re: Too Many Shots (open to The Revenants)

Post  Henri Black on Fri Nov 27, 2015 3:16 am

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Re: Too Many Shots (open to The Revenants)

Post  Guest on Fri Nov 27, 2015 1:45 pm

Henri Black wrote:poke
Pokes back


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Re: Too Many Shots (open to The Revenants)

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