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Post  Emily Scott on Fri Jul 17, 2015 3:25 pm

Backstage we can see Candy Cane standing ready to interview Emily Scott. Emily is wearing a black t-shirt emblazoned with the AXN logo over the top of her usual wrestling gear.

Candy Cane: Emily, last week we saw you advance to a number 1 contenders match for the paranoia champsionship at the upcoming pay per view. Now before we talk about that, can we talk about your upcoming match against Charles.....

Emily Scott: Xavier?

Candy Cane: No, charles...

Emily Scott: The prince of Wales?

Candy Cane: Um still no

Emily Scott: Hold I can get this.
Charles Dickins?
Charles Darwin?
Charles Bronson?
Or is it Charles Manson?

Candy Cane starts to look a little perplexed, but composes herself long enough to try and interrupt Emily.

Candy Cane: No its none of them, in fact I am pretty certain most of them are dead. Your match tonight is against Charles...

Emily puts her finger over Candy Cane's lips before she can finish her sentence, making her blush slightly. She leans in close and whispers.

Emily Scott: Have you not been told gold girls never interrupt someone in the middle of talking.

At this point Candy is completely flummoxed at this behavior, and barely puts up any resistance when Emily takes the microphone from her.

Emily Scott: It does not matter if it was Bonnie prince Charlie and his armies getting in that ring tonight, the result would be exactly the same.
And the same goes for my opponent at the pay per view Sweeney Antoine, that stuck up, spoiled, boat shoe wearing, waste of a contract, little man.
Nothing is going to stand in the way of me and my destiny.
The destiny which is tear the title out the hands of the harlot who represents everything that is wrong with women's wrestling.
The fans out there don't care if she can wrestle, just as long the top she is wearing is low, and the pants high.
I thought AXN was different, not like most the other federations out there, who care more about showing the women in various states of undress.
So believe me when I say this, if you get in the way of my destiny , you better be prepared to pay the price in pain.

Emily tosses the microphone to one side and storms of as it fades to black.
Emily Scott

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