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Always bet on Noir

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Always bet on Noir

Post  Helena Noir on Fri Jul 17, 2015 1:13 pm

Suddenly, the lights in the Arena dim out, as the first notes of "Noir" by Shandon start playing softly from the PA system.

Rhydian Jones: "I will recognize this entrance over a million, and so you should do, if you would actually understand something of this business.. It's the Queen Of Pain herself, la Femme Fatale of pro wrestling, Helena Noir!"

Andy Samberg: "You mean one of those Revenants who ruined last week's show? Well, this is a great news indeed"

As the song hits the chorus, blinding flashing lights start flickering pointing to the fans, as Helena starts walking down the ramp with a slow, proud and confident pace. She enters the ring grabbing a microphone and enjoying the usual mixed reaction of the fans, splitted with a majority of boos, some whistles for her physical appearance and a part of cheers for her wrestling skils, accompanied by some shy Revenants chants. After some seconds, she raises the microphone to her lips.

Helena Noir: "For those who don't know me, my name is Helena Noir, but you can call me the Queen Of Pain. Why this moniker? Trust me, you really don't wann know that. But the Internet has plenty of clips that should explain it quite well. And no, it's not me in those Rated 18 scenes..."

Some irrepetible chants can be heard coming from a part of the crowd , putting a smile on Helena's face.

Helena Noir: "Yeah that was funny... Anyway, seems like most of you already know me, and hat it's not a surprise, not at all... Everything I accomplished so far in my still young career is somethingmost of those loser back ther can only dream to accomplish in twenty years.. I have been the most dominant champion in MWA history, everyone who stepped in my way is now retired, and I'm a proud memeber of a group of men that will shake this business from his basis."

She takes off her Revenants shirt and throws it to a cheering fan in the front row.

Helena Noir: "Tonight is going to be a day you'll never forget, the day The Revenants start conquering AXN. This is not some vain threat, this is not even a bold statement. It's the shape of things to come here in AXN, the reality you all will deal with in a very coming soon future. And it all starts tonight, when me and Hennerz will take down Damien Storm and Barbie Leblanc, your Paranoia champion"

Some mixed reactions follow the mentioning of Bianca

Helena Noir: "Speaking of whom, don't let our similar past fool you honey. Even if we both used to be models, we can't be any more different. We are like day and night, or black and white as our names suggest. You're just a pretty face on a hot body who got her fifteen minutes of fame. But now, my kingdom is coming, and you, just like everybody else, will bow down to the Queen Of Pain. And who knows, I might want to take the title you're holding in the process, so don't get too attached to it."

Helena smiles at the camera and rolls out of the ring, blowing a kiss to the announcers while walking out. Midway on the ram she stops and takes one last look at the fans filling the Arena.

Helena Noir: "One last piece of advice... Wherever you are, whether it be in Vegas or watching an AXN.. Always bet on Noir!"

"Noir" by Shandon starts playing once again as Helena walks up the ramp and disappears backstage.

(sorry if I didn't format it and if it's a bit rushed and poor... I really did the best I could in the few free moments i could find. Will do something better for next week)
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