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Lamb to the Slaughter

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Lamb to the Slaughter

Post  King Krimsin on Fri Jul 17, 2015 4:46 am

Upon returning from a break, the shot is a wide angle of the ring; the shot is wide enough that it captures the entire ring, and ringside area, as well as the ramp, and all the way up to the stage.

Andy :  Welcome back everyone!

Just then the arena goes black.  A dull sound of thunder echoes throughout.  Then, all of the sudden, and explosion of pyro on the stage startles everyone in attendance.  “Everytime I Die”-Children of Bodom begins blaring, as a jet of flame, about a foot high, ignites at the stage, and runs all the way down the ramp.  Smoke begins, slowly, to shroud the curtain.

Andy sounds a little less then enthused.  The crowd is also overwhelming displeased.

Andy :  Well.. Next up, The dastardly duo of Marcurcio and King Krimsin have a few words, I guess.  Even though they shouldn’t even be here this week, Rhydian.

Marcurcio finally emerges from behind the curtain.  The shot cuts to a camera on the ramp, zoomed in on the smoke shrouding him.  He pops out mystically, and moves out toward the ramp, and off to the side.

Rhydian :  Well, I’m not sure what you could mean by that, Samberg..  If you’re referring to last weeks attack on Tom Midas, I would feel compelled to remind you of the legal ramifications of accusations on air, when there is no proof...

Andy :  Rhydian...  They didn’t even change their clothes!!  All they did was throw on some masks!!  A child could see that it was them!!

Rhydian :  Yeah..  While you’re at it alienate the twelve and under audience by insulting their intelligence.

Marcurcio waves his arms about ritualistically, before miming a summons toward the curtain.  Through the smoke, the monstrous King Krimsin sweeps into the picture.  He towers over his sagely couterpart, and sports a look of pure ferocity.

The two men amble down the ramp, surrounded and illuminated on either side by a shin-high wall of flame.  After several long seconds, through the boos of the crowd, they finally make their way to ringside.  King Krimsin stops at the apron, as Marcurcio begins what can only be described as a devil’s dance around the ring.  He prances to and fro, waving his arms in the air.  

He gets all the way around to the other side, dancing right past the announce table, before King Krimsin reaches up, flat footed on the floor, and grabs the top rope.  He pulls himself up, effortlessly, to the apron before throwing one tree trunk of a leg over the other, over the top rope.  Just as he does, Marcurcio finishes he dance up the ring steps, and enters through the middle rope, as the lights go up.

The crowd is buzzing, but a very vocal majority are booing with all they have.  Marcurcio leans back through the rope to retrieve a mic from one of the techs at ringside, then begins.  His voice is an entrancing, rich, baritone thick with an apparent Danish accent.

Marcurcio :  Good evening...

He pauses, smiling, for the heavy rain of boos.  He licks his lips, then eagerly continues.

Before I can come to the purpose of our gracious interjection, here.. I feel I must say a few words on behalf of our king...  To put his subjects minds at ease, so to speak.

Andy :  Pff.. Not MY king!

More boos.  Marcurcio pauses again, then continues, in a rather severe tone of voice.

Marcurcio :  Trust me when I say...  Neither King Krimsin, nor myself, had anything at all to do with the unfortunate beating that Tom Midas sustained last week!  And, quite frankly, we are as appalled as anyone that this heinous attack was even possible!  Where was the security for all of this!?

The entire house pops, and a unanimous, overwhelming, wave of boos rains down toward the ring.  A random bottle narrowly misses King Krimsin, who doesn’t even flinch, and lands near the feet of Marcurcio.  He doesn’t acknowledge it in the slightest, and continues in a tone of dramatic, possibly feigned, concern.

I mean..  It wasn’t very long ago at all, that we were able to enter his dressing room, completely unmolested, and beat him to within an inch of his life before anyone even KNEW it was going on!!  And now THIS!?!

Andy :  He’s really layin it on thick, isn’t he...

Marcurcio hangs his head, and shakes it disapprovingly.

Marcurcio :  Tsk... tsk..  What a shame it is, too...  Which brings me to the reason we have humbly interrupted your little show here tonight.

Andy :  Bout time!

Rhydian :  You know, Samberg...  I’m sure that if they wanted crap from you.. The King would just come over here and squeeze your big head...

Marcurcio suddenly perks up a bit.  The energy returns to his voice, and a bright, wide, smile spreads across his painted face.

Marcurcio :  We have been trying.. For WEEKS, I might add...  To get Tom Midas in this very ring!  And tonight’s the night!!

At the very mention of Tom Midas’s name, the crowd erupts in timely cheers, that only get louder at the prospect of seeing him kick Krimsin’s butt tonight.

Andy :  Woah!  Tom Midas vs.  King Krimsin, tonight!?!  They would have told us about that, right??

Rhydian :  I don’t think Tom is even here tonight, Samberg.  He took quite a beating last week!

Marcurcio :  So, Tom Midas!!  The stars have finally aligned!  The gods demand it!!  Come on dooown!!!

”Living on a Prayer”-Bon Jovi, kicks up, as Tom’s video cues up on the tron.  The crowd goes ballistic.

However, a solid eight to ten seconds pass with no sign of Tom.

Andy :  Well where is he!?  Maybe you’re right, Rhydian??

Rhydian :  I’m telling you, Samberg.  If he’s smart, he’s at home licking his wounds, and getting healthy.  Which could take some time.

A few more seconds pass by, and Marcurcio walks toward the rampside ropes, leaning on them.  He feigns impatience, frowning and looking at the watch that he is not wearing.

After several more seconds pass, the crowd begins to boo.  Marcurcio shoots a stumped glance at King Krimsin, who just smiles wickedly back.  Then the former motions for the music to be cut, and raises the microphone back to his lips.

Marcurcio :  So!  Seems everyone’s favorite richy vagabond can’t be bothered...  Jeesh!  I would hate to be him!  To forsake the will of the gods will most assuredly end poorly for him..

Andy :  I don’t believe this guy!!  Is he really stupid enough to think that if Tom were medically cleared to go tonight, he wouldn’t JUMP at the chance to put this big animal down!?

Rhydian :  You’re too wrapped up in speculation, as usual Samberg.  The fact is.. He’s not here.  Period.

He does a half turn, now addressing the crowd as opposed to the empty stage.  The crowd boos him vehemently.

Marcurcio :  HOWEVER!  Worry NOT simple people of the audience!!  For your king is the very embodiment of their will!!  They demand blood tonight!  And blood they shall get!!  It’s unfortunate that Tom Midas cannot answer the call, but we will make the wildest dreams, of one of you lucky few, come TRUE this night!!

Marcurcio turns about, surveying the booing crowd.

Andy :  What’s he getting at...?

Marcurcio :  Now.. Who among you will answer their will!?  Who among you has the fortitude!?  The will!?  Who among you has the SPINE that Tom Midas lacks!?  Who will face your king in the only court that matters!

Andy :  Is he..??

Marcurcio stands next to King Krimsin, and the two begin scrutinizing people at ringside, pointing here and there at tons of eager men, who are jumping up and down at the chance.

Andy :  Yes he is!!  I can’t believe it!!

Rhydian :  King Krimsin is about to make someone’s dream come true right here!!

Andy :  How can this be allowed!?  He is going to fight a member of the crowd!?!

Rhydian :  That’s right, Samberg.  Your king is here to make someone famous!

Finally, King Krimsin raises his tree limb of an arm, pointing at somebody.  Marcurcio jumps with delight, and looks toward his target, then back to him, apparently confirming whether or not he is sure.

King Krimsin replies by taking three giant strides back to the corner, and removing his leather jacket.  Marcurcio nods energetically, and makes his way through the ropes to the floor, then to the barrier.  He stares at one of the many men jumping up and down, a tall, well built, tan skinned young man with a short crew cut.

Rhydian :  I think the King has found a subject!

Andy :  THAT KID!?  COME ON!!

Marcurcio looks back toward King Krimsin, jovially confirming once more whether or not he is sure.  The latter wrings his wrists in his giant hands, offering only that and a pronounced scowl as confirmation.  Evidently that is enough for Marcurcio, because he summons the young man forward, even helping him over the crowd barrier to the floor.

Marcurcio :  Ladies and gentlemen!  You’re representative in the court of battle...  And what is your name, young sire!?

The young, very early twenty something, stands half a head taller than the six foot one Marcurcio, and it’s very evident that he is a gym rat.  He isn’t huge, but he is thicker than the average joe, and his tight shirt reveals a good deal of definition.

He is a little out of breath, and so excited that his answer is barely discernible.

Guy :  Jaylon!

Marcurcio :  Well met, Jaylon!!  This way, please!

Marcurcio follows the young man to the steps, and ushers him up to the ring.  The kid looks downright stoked, and panders to the now cheering crowd; just as he enters the ring, he tears his shirt up over his head and throws it into the crowd, prompting a large female response.

As Marcurcio enters the ring, a referee emerges from the curtain, and trots down to ringside, looking worried as all get out.  After a second or two, he slides into the ring and walks up to Marcurcio in the middle.  They have a rather heated exchange, before Marcurcio turns triumphantly to King Krimsin before exiting the ring.

The ref looks toward King Krimsin to see if he’s ready.  Apparently satisfied, he looks to the young man, who’s in-the-clouds smile has begun to sink noticeably.

Andy :  This is INSANE!!  He’s just a kid for crying out loud!!

Rhydian :  He’s quite a physically capable adult, and clearly of sound mind to make this decision!  Well.. that last part might be debatable I’ll grant you.

The young man gulps, then nods, prompting the referee to motion for the bell.

Ding!  Ding!  Ding!

All at once, the previously motionless King Krimsin charges at break neck speed toward the young man.  The young man, Jaylon, panics and freezes; he brings his arms up to protect his midsection like he is about to turtle up.

King Krimsin crashes, full force, into Jaylon with a violent standing corner splash.  The latter crumbles to the mat in a heap, as Krimsin takes one giant step backward.

Andy :  OH MAN!!  This should stop, NOW!!

King Krimsin leers, psychotically, down at the young man, who has turtled into the fetal position.  Then, boom, boom, boom.  Krimsin drops three quick, thunderous, boots to the back of the young man’s head.  Jaylon appears badly injured, and desperate to get out of the ring, as he gingerly lunges for the bottom rope.

He pulls himself up slightly, looking woozy, but Krimsin quickly bends down and yanks him up by the hair.  He grabs poor Jaylon in a front face lock, and slams two quick clubbing rights sweeping down on to his target’s back.  Jaylon’s legs begin to give out, but Krimsin is having no trouble holding him up.

He sneers at the booing crowd, and turns poor Jaylon face up, inverting the front face lock.

King Krimsin grabs Jaylon's head under his arm
, AND HERE IT IS!! Up.. and.. DOWN!! with it executing
ULTIMATE Krimsin Krush!!
Referee starts counting...
Referee: ....Oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....
Referee: ....Twooooooooooooooooo....
Referee: ....Threeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....    

Andy :  HOLY!!!

”Everytime I Die”-Children of Bodom hits the PA.  The referee holds Krimsin’s hands up, but the latter jerks his away, and meets Marcurcio on the other side of the ring.  The ref immediately attends the young man, Jaylon.  The roof seems near coming off, as the crowd makes their avid heat for the dastardly duo well known.

Andy :  What the heck did that just prove!??  Besides the fact that this guy should DEFINITELY be locked up!!

Rhydian :  Well, that young man can thank Tom for not being here to collect his butt kicking, so this young man had to do it for him.  Or you could blame it on a bad decision made by a foolishly confident young man!

Andy :  Well.. Don’t go away folks!  You never know what could happen next, so don’t wanna miss it!

Rhydian :  Yes who’s dreams will come true next?

Andy :  Yeah.. King Krimsin beats up a kid, and somehow he’s doing him a favor!  Sure!

The shot closes on a closeup of the duo.  King Krimsin, scowling, looks as if his blood thirst is none the more quenched.  And, Marcurcio, beams triumphantly, patting his towering counterpart victoriously on his chest.
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