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Anti-Storm interview

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Anti-Storm interview

Post  Guest on Wed Jul 15, 2015 12:25 am

Back from the commercial, cameras fade in showing Candy Kane next to The Revenants ready for an interview.
The 4 horsemen are laughing and speaking loud when Candy interrupts them.

the crowd start a chant '' off Revenants''

Andy: I don't get it Jones why would Prayme turn on the company who gave him the chance to get back on track and finally open his wrestling school why Jones?

Jones: I do not care at all I think they're awesome I mean AXN is about Revolution and Controversy and that's what they're bringing in AXN can't complain!

Andy: Come onnnnnnn!! I just see a group of Suicide Squad wanna bees!

Jones: I bet you wouldn't say that in their faces!

Andy: Ya...Yeah! I would!

Candy: Excuse me? Are you guys ready? We're live...

The whole group stops and stare at Candy who seems to be confuse.
Big Boss steps forward and takes the mic from her before telling her to off.

The crowd start booing

BBR: * takes a puff of his cigar and blows it on Candy's face* You can go we don't need you to make our own you can tell Mr.Blue the next time you show up...we'll make sure he'll need a new one and trust me I got the contacts to make it happen! * Big Boss turns around and stare at the camera* #Businessman.

Andy: What a jerk!

Candy: Jerks!!!

The Crowd: We Want Storm! We Want Storm!

Jones: Ha Ha Ha Classic!

Andy: I hope Jason and Duke take them down tonight!

Candy Kane walks away offended by Big Boss while the rest of the group laugh
Prayme brings the mic towards his mouth and begin to speak.

BBR: Tonight The Revenants will have the pleasure to remind the world once again to show how dominant we defeating

Helena Noir whispers: Destroying.

BBR: Destroying the team of Bianca and Damien Storm!

Andy: Now that I'm thinking they might bring chaos for real...there is no group that can stop them...none of them wants to stand against them

Jones: And that's the beauty of it no one can't that's why they won't

Prayme takes another puff from his cigar

BBR: And later tonight we will step in the ring once more and up Jason Storm and his little partner Puke or W.T.V his name is! The Revenants will continue to cost chaos weeks after weeks till we get complete dominance over AXN. You're looking at the biggest addition of're looking at the bests of AXN or any other wrestling promotion in the intercontinental area and soon we will bring them to the mondial and then we will have the global domination!

The Crowd boo them

BBR: Boo us cheer us it's going to happen! Nostradamus predicted our arrival years,ago decades ago and way before the birth of the wrestling Industry...The 4 horsemen will be created and conquer everything they see...everything they touch...and Jason had the chance to be part of it and you turned us down Ha Ha what an
we offered you and you prefer to become that fan favorite hero in AXN...

Big Boss takes a puff and blows the smoke.

BBR: Now suffer the consequences!

Big Boss takes another puff and butch his cigar on the camera's eye

BBR: We're coming!

Jones: I hope the champions have a plan cause there is a storm coming throu and it won't be cute at all.

Andy: I believe they will.


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Re: Anti-Storm interview

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