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Why are The Revenants here? ( open to anyone ) (Mentions Jason Storm)

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Why are The Revenants here? ( open to anyone ) (Mentions Jason Storm)

Post  Guest on Sat Jul 11, 2015 1:25 am

back from the commercials we can clearly see The Revenants has occupy the Axn ring.

Big Boss who has the mic in hand brings it towards his mouth and begin to speak.

BBR: People are wondering why did we choose to come down in Axn...people are asking via Twitter why don't we go back where we came from ha ha ha! It's funny cause where we come from for most of us it started here! We are AXN! Like it or not!

crowd boos

BBR: The difference today is that we're here to take over the place and make it our own...

Prayme pause for a second

BBR: We're here to take every single value of this company...why? Cause we are the best around and we're not going to stick around and pretend we are not...and just ha ha...and just like God did with Lucifer in heaven this industry did it with us.God knew he was the best in his kingdom and what he did? Rejected him from his palace.Ha Ha! God rejected me from his palace too and guess what I said to god? *Prayme gets on his knees and looks up*I told god ''I'll be back...but next time you'll see me knocking the (censored) out of the front door and I'll take it all! I'll take every single inch of your kingdom...every piece of heaven and I'll make you my (censored)!'' Ha Ha Ha!

Prayme gets back up.

( unfinish ) just had an idea with God and shit Razz so yea ill continue later


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