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Don't do the time if you didn't do the crime (right before my match with Drew Wright.)

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Don't do the time if you didn't do the crime (right before my match with Drew Wright.)

Post  King Krimsin on Fri Jul 10, 2015 1:18 am

The shot opens inside of a small, dimly lit room;  a room that may or may not be located somewhere in the back.  The walls are made of concrete blocks, painted a nasty shade somewhere in between white and yellow.  The floor is hard to make out, due to the lighting conditions, but appears to be concrete as well.  Other than that, there is naught but two men standing in the middle of the room.

Andy :  What the...

Rhydian :  ...

Andy :  What the heck is this?!

The man on the left is of medium build, maybe just north of six feet tall but not more than 15 stone soaking wet.  He is hunched over, and the only thing that would draw one’s attention to him first, rather than his gargantuan counterpart, is the basketball sized skull that he is holding, on the end of thick towing chain, that is spewing smoke.

The man on the right stands erect, towering over his dramatically hunched-over counterpart, arms folded across his chest, and naturally taking up half of the entire shot.  King Krimsin.

The crowd displays their ill will for these men loudly and clearly.  As the camera gets closer to them, it appears they are standing in the middle of the room, that opens into dark a hallway behind them.

Andy :  ...

These two!?!

Marcurcio gives a shake of the chain, and chuckles richly behind the pervading smoke billowing out of the large skull he is carrying.

Marcurcio :  Heh.. heh..  Good evening, fellow subjects of the Kourt.. Meh heh heh...
That’s Kourt.  WITH  a “K!”  Heh heh heh...

Rhydian :  Clever!

Andy :  With a “K?” ...

Rhydian :  Don’t be stupid, Samberg!

Marcurcio gives the chain another jingle, and the skull sways eerily, hanging from the end of his fist.  His charming, inviting, demeanor makes it all the more eery; contrasting him is the brutish King Krimsin, towering next to him.

Marcurcio :  Join us this evening, won’t you!?  As a NEW chapter is written in the tome of battle!!


Tonight!  Our King Krimsin has been gifted the glorious task of welcoming a new fish into the pond!  Drew Wright, an upstart young scamp who seeks the favor of the gods, and would look to take it from us in battle!

Andy :  I SO hope Drew is the man to give these guys what they're due!

Rhydian :  Pff...

Marcurcio’s warm and inviting demeanor takes a pronounced slide into one of callus intimidation.  His face fixes into a devilish scowl, and his voice becomes much lower, and booms.

Marcurcio :  We honor your courage, Drew Wright...  But the gods do not honor courage as much as they honor destruction!!  When you stand across the ring from our King Krimsin...  And you get your first, TRUE, look at him!!  Well...  You will know then...  King Krimsin leaves nothing to be judged...  King Krimsin is there to judge YOU.. In front of the gods and everyone else!!

Just as Marcurcio’s fervor, and charismatic momentum, seem on the verge of climax, the over head lights suddenly flick on, better revealing the actual surroundings.

King Krimsin spins around toward the opening that leads out of the room, while Marcurcio heaves a heavy, contemptuous, groan and eye roll.  The opening behind them is revealed, only after the lights have come on, to lead to a locker room.

Chef :  So here you two idiots are!

Andy :  Finally!  Chef is here to deliver some SWEET justice!!

Chef makes his way into the room, stepping over some kind of unseen threshold as he does.  He walks toward them, stopping in the middle before an awkward pause as he surveys the room.

Chef :  Why you guys cuttin promos in the showers, and why does it smell like frankincense and myrrh back here??

Marcurcio heaves another sigh, as the camera pans back a bit.  On the floor, beneath the two men, is a floor drain belonging to a shower room.  Behind the three men, one on either side, a shower head, and shower knobs, can be seen.  All the while, the skull that Marcurcio his holding at the end of a chain continues to billow smoke.

Andy :  Oh MAN!!  HA HA HA HA!!!  WHAT?!?

Chef coughs a bit, and his eyes get squinty, as he fans his face of the smoke.  He takes a couple of steps back, and starts on the two.

Chef :  Anyway.. listen up weirdos!  You’re both suspended indefinitely.. or until I can figure out how to fire you.  So pack up your little seance and vacate the premises...

King Krimsin fumes, and turns red in the face, looking as if he is about to pounce.  Marcurcio on the other hand, silently wears a face of pure and utter disdain.  Neither man budges, however.

...  Post haste!

Andy :  Alright!  Chef got our backs!

Rhydian :  I’d like to hear an explanation for this one!

Chef waits impatiently, tapping his foot, while the other two men stay put in defiance;  well, King Krimsin looks defiant.  Marcurcio looks disgusted, and as if he couldn’t possibly be any more bothered by just the mere presence of Chef.

Chef waves his hands, both fanning the smoke away and trying to expedite the process.

Chef :  Go on!  Vamos!!

Marcurcio finally speaks.  His tone of voice is a measured kind of sinister, as if a tyrant speaking to one his lowly peasants.

Marcurcio :  And, WHY.. may I ask are we “Suspended” this time?

Chef :  You know EXACTLY why.. Now let’s GO!!

Marcurcio sounds as if he is genuinely offended, and peeved.

Marcurcio :  Do you think me a man who enjoys playing games?  Or asking questions to which I already know the answer?  Do you waste everyone else’s time so flippantly, or is it because you so enjoy our presence?

Chef’s cocksure demeanor takes a bit of a hit.  His eyebrows raise a bit, as he appears to consider Marcurcio and his statement.

Chef :  Um.. Okay.  You’re suspended, UNTIL I can figure out how to fire you guys, because of a repeat offense!  This is the second time I’ve had to punish you guys for attacking Tom Midas!

Again, Marcurcio’s tone is super offended, and he is making his vile contempt for Chef’s inquisition blatantly obvious.

Marcurcio :  You would punish us again for crimes for which we have already served your term??  What do you take us for!?

Uncertainty slowly continues to creep into the face of Chef.  He speaks very slowly, patronizingly, as if to a child.

Chef :  Yeah you served your time for the first offense.. And now... For the second offense...  I want to get RID of you...

Marcurcio gets very serious, in a way one would get when having just been wrongfully accused of something.

Marcurcio :  What is this...?  I should remove that SLANDEROUS tongue from your head, Mr. Blue!!  We attacked Tom Midas only ONCE!  And it was months ago now!!  Whatever game you’re trying to play with us won’t work this time!  You will not accuse US of TREACHERY until we have COMMITTED IT!!

The dastardly duo each make a step as if they are about to find Chef’s head.  Chef cocks an eyebrow, takes a half step back, and confidently holds out his hand to keep them at a distance.

Chef :  Wait.. So.. Wait a second now.

Chef fans the smoke again, which seems to be bugging him a bit.  His confusion has finally fully set in.  Chef is finally at a loss for words.  Either Marcurcio is an amazing actor, or he legitimately had nothing to do with attacking Tom.  This time.

Wait.. Okay... So your story is.. that wasn’t us who attacked Tom Midas earlier tonight?

Marcurcio’s face shifts quickly to that of anger, rather than contempt.  He shakes his fist in frustration, rattling the chain and causing the huge skull to bauble.  Again, it is impossible to decide wether his frustration is real, or if he is putting it on; it seems so contrary to evidence, but going by his body language, one might consider the possibility that it wasn’t them.

Marcurcio :  Tom Midas has been ATTACKED TONIGHT!?!  DAMN!!  What kind of half-assed company are you RUNNING here!?  You KNOW how much we want him in the ring!  How can you LET this keep happening??

Andy :  What the hell is he on!?

Rhydian :  I told you it wasn’t them, Samberg.  As usual, you weren’t listening...

Andy :  PFFF!!

Chef gets defensive, and appears to take a little offense himself.

Chef :  I... Are YOU KIDDING ME??

Marcurcio grunts.

Marcurcio :  Again!  Questions I don’t know the answers to!?!  You are a thick head!  We were unaware of this incident until just now!  As you burst in here hurling WILD accusations about!

Chef can’t believe his ears at this point.

Chef :  So you didn’t even know about the attack until I came and found you guys hiding in the shower together?

Marcurcio is unamused, responds disdainfully.

Marcurcio :  Does this little game you are playing with us, where you repeat every answer I give you... Does it end with a point?

Chef :  And the TWO guys who did this had on YOUR CLOTHES!!

Marcurcio :  This is quite a popular style of dress in New York City, Mr. Blue...  You could venture out onto the street and find dozens of people dressed just like us.  And besides.. we have witnesses to our arrival who can corroborate our arrival time...  I suggest in the future, that you go and find your facts before dragging your talent’s names through the mud, Mr. Blue.

An astonished Chef, nods begrudgingly.  However, his tone of voice belies an obvious amount of threat.

Chef :  Alright, Marcurcio...  I am nothing, if not fair.  You say you have witnesses who saw when you first arrived tonight?  Then we will conduct a thorough investigation as to who the perpetrators were...  And we WILL get to the bottom of this.

Chef glares at the dastardly duo for a second, before turning and exiting the shower room.  Marcurcio stands there, still looking thoroughly disgusted, as King Krimsin cracks an evil smile.  The dull roar of disapproval that the crowd has kept up, becomes a loud and unanimous boo as Chef leaves.

Andy :  I can’t... Wha??

Rhydian :  Chef is no idiot, Samberg.  He knows better than to ignore due process.  What you just saw was justice running its course.

Andy :  JUSTICE!?!  Where’s Tom’s justice when these guys can get off the hook just like that!!

Rhydian :  Where’s the proof!?  Unfortunately your opinion has no factual basis, and even Chef can see that!

Andy :  At any rate.. Even though Tom Midas shouldn’t be competing tonight for medical reasons, King Krimsin will be allowed to compete!  If there’s any justice in the world, Drew Wright will take him RIGHT to task! ...

Rhydian :  ...sigh...

Andy :  ...  And don’t go anywhere cuz it is next!!
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