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Mysterious Masked Men (right after match with brute and hennerz)

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Mysterious Masked Men (right after match with brute and hennerz)

Post  King Krimsin on Thu Jul 09, 2015 8:34 pm

The broadcast returns from a break, and the scene opens on the ringside announce team, Andy and Rhydian.  They are breaming brightly, professionally, into the camera, and Andy wastes no time welcoming the audience back.

Andy :  Welcome back, folks!  And, you’ll be glad you stuck around!  So much has happened in the top of our telecast!  And yet, as always, we have plenty more Revolutionary. Controversial. Extreme. action still in store for you tonight!

Rhydian :  Still to come, we have Damien Death Storm set for action against Sweeney Antoine, in the race for the Paranoia Championship!  We will also see the AXN Champ Jason Storm take on Henri Black in an “Exhibition Match,” and in our main event  tonight, Motorhead will be taking on Tom Midas to decide the next number one contender for the AXN Heavyweight Championship!!  With special guest ref, the AXN Heavyweight Champion himself, Triple M!!

Andy :  Plus much, MUCH, more!!  And speaking of Tom Midas, Candy Cane has somehow managed to track him down...

Rhydian :  ...  Finally.  ...

Andy :  ...  and she is standing by waiting for us now!

The crowd cheers as the camera brings up the shot of Candy Cane standing next to none other than Tom Midas.  The shot is split screened with the shot of Andy and Rhydian at ringside.

Tom waits patiently, hands on hips, with a neutral look on his face despite the news that Magic Matt will be the special guest referee in his match with Motorhead.  Candy appears to be waiting for the signal to start.

Andy :  Candy?

She remains standing there, awkwardly, awaiting the signal to start.  Her gaze periodically darts back and forth between the camera lens, and whomever is standing behind the camera.  Andy, Rhydian, and the audience all have audio to the back, but it is obvious Candy isn’t hearing anything from the producers.

Andy :  Uhm.. It would appear we’re having some technical difficulties..?

Rhydian :  You don’t miss much, do you Samberg.

All of the sudden, a door slam can be heard off camera, giving both Tom and Candy a hell of a start.  The camera is fixed in place, and so cannot be turned toward the cause of the commotion, but Candy sprints to her left, off camera.  Tom’s even keeled look of neutrality turns, all at once, to a look of fighting determination, and he takes a defensive posture.

In the background, barely audible at this point, it sounds as if two people are either rushing, or running.

Andy :  Wha..?  What the heck is going on back there!?!

Tom raises his guard, bringing his two clenched fists up to protect his head, elbows in to protect his body.  Just then, a massive, masked, figure comes charging into the shot, bull rushing Tom backward.  The man appears to be almost double Tom’s size, and is wearing some rather familiar looking leather pants, and matching vest.

Part of the interviewing set comes crashing down, as Tom is forced over a corner of the scaffolding.  Just then, the video of backstage becomes full screen, ending the split screen effect between the set and the ringside announce table.

The two man crash to the floor along with the set, but they land side by side, and both men scramble.  Tom very narrowly escapes to his feat, as the larger man swipes futilely at his shirt to keep him on the ground.  He grabs the masked man, by the back of his mask, attempting to drag the hostile giant to his feet.  Just then, however, another, much more average sized man wearing a mask, runs up behind Tom, and swings a steel chair around that lands squarely into the small of the latter’s back.  There is a stark familiarity about the way this second masked man is dressed, as well.  He sports leather pants, a black tasseled leather jacker, and a black cape, tied at the front by a gold colored rope.


Rhydian :  If I can borrow a phrase from you... That escalated quickly...

Andy :  Now’s not the time for jokes, Rhydian!  Who are those guys!?  Somebody needs to get Tom and Candy outta there!!

Tom crumples to the floor in a heap, as the larger man quickly makes his way up to his feet.  Then, the dastardly, masked, duo begin stomping on the prone Tom’s back and abdomen;  they just stomp indiscriminately, while their target changes as Tom tries to roll, cover up, and avoid shots.

The smaller of the two motions for the larger to step back, to which he obliges.  As Tom attempts to crawl out from underneath them, the masked man sends the chair, once again, down onto Tom’s back with a crash.

Tom flattens out, on his belly, and seems unable to get up.  The larger guy yanks the chair from the smaller one, and grabs it by its sides, rather than its legs.  He then proceeds to drive it down onto the covering-up Tom like a spike, several times.

Andy :  I can’t BELIEVE THIS!!  I know who those guys are!!  That’s King Krimsin and Marcurcio!!

Rhydian :  Thats pure speculation at this point, Samberg!  Whomever those two are, they are wearing masks!  So it’s impossible to discern their identity from this alone...

Andy :  WHA!?!?

The larger man decides he has had enough, and throws the chair away, clanging to the floor.  He then hunches down, one foot on either side of Tom’s waist.  Next he grabs either of Tom’s arms, and locks them over his legs, as he sits onto the small of Tom’s back, and reclines.  Tom screams in agony.


Rhydian :  Theres so many people in the back who have beef with Tom, who knows!  And that doesn’t even look like the Krimsin Klutch, Samberg! That’s more a Steiner Recliner... or a Camel Clutch...  This your first time watching wrestling?

Andy :  GWAAAAH!?!?!

The door that let these two in bangs open again, and a familiar voice can be heard off camera.  The noise grabs both masked men’s attention.

Chef :  That’s them!  Get EM!!

The smaller makes a futile hop in surprise, and hurriedly tries to help the larger one to his feet.  Just as they take off, running into the other direction, four security staff members coming running through the shot, giving chase.  Then the feed from the back cuts, and returns to an astonished looking Andy, and a very smug looking, Rhydian.

Andy :  I don’t BELIEVE what we just saw, folks.. We are so sorry...

Tom Midas was just BLINDSIDED by King Krimsin and Marcurcio!!  AGAIN!!

Rhydian :  I don’t believe my ears, Samberg.  I just explained to you how you have NO idea who those two men were, and yet you continue to implicate King Krimsin and Marcurcio?  Come now, I took you for more of a professional than that...

Andy :  Rhydian.. If you’re gonna sit here and tell me you don’t KNOW that was King K, and Marcurcio...  Then...  Then you’re the first timer here!!

Rhydian gives a defiant sneer, but Andy continues before he can get another word in.

Don’t go away, folks!  More on that, and Damian Death Storm vs.  Sweeney Antoine still to come!
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