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Paranoid android

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Paranoid android

Post  Emily Scott on Wed Jul 08, 2015 10:59 am

The lights in the arena dim as a video starts play on the big screens.
Red writing starts to appear on a black background, looking like blood dripping down the screen

"paranoia par·a·noi·a (pār'ə-noi'ə) n. A psychotic disorder characterized by systematized delusions, especially of persecution or grandeur, in the absence of other personality disorders. Extreme, irrational distrust of others."

A familiar voice begins to speak as the screen fills with red as all the letters drip into each other.

Voice: The Paranoia championship, the springboard for so many careers.
It currently sits around the waist of the harlot Bianca LeBlanc, but not for much longer.
Soon she will feel the weight of it pressing down on her very soul, crushing her, grinding her spirit into the ground.
And just when she thinks she can't take anymore, that weight will be lifted as she is left on a position she knows well.
Flat on her back, staring at the lights.

Voice: But before that, lets talk about another word that fits so well with paranoia.

The red on the screen starts to flow into a new set of words as the voice goes silent for a moment.
"insanity- doing the same thing over & over & expecting different results."

Voice: Tonight I face the same opponent that I have faced so many times before.
Maybe management think I would not notice.
Maybe they want the same results as before.
Maybe this is just paranoia setting in.....
But this time things will be different.
This time my fate will not be disrupted.
Because this time, my destiny is calling and it can not be ignored.

The words on the screen reform again to say "Duke". Suddenly a knife appears and appears to slice through the word, causing it to bleed down the screen, before it fades to black.

Emily Scott
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