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Breaking Point

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Breaking Point

Post  Emily Scott on Mon Jun 29, 2015 10:21 am

Rhydian Jones: Fans, I want to talk to you about last week, and in particular a match between Emily Scott and Jason Storm.

Andy Samberg: We can hardly call it a match, I mean Jason barely broke a sweat before making the pin fall.

Rhydian Jones: True but a win is a win. When history is checked all they will see is a positive in Jason's record, and mark against Emilys.

Andy Samberg: A mark she will not get a chance to balance out this week, as she is not in action, or even in the building.

Rhydian Jones: That being said, Candy Cane did catch up with her after the match last week, lets roll the film

The scene switches to the back, Candy Cane can be seen walking around towards the locker.
She stops when the sound of screaming can heard coming from one of the nearby doorways, followed by a lot of crashing.
She slowly makes her way over to the door, before opening it.
Inside Emily Scott can be seen trashing the locker room, as lockers and benches have been knocked over and flipped.
She starts smashing a steel chair against the downed lockers, stopping only when she sees Candy enter the room.

Candy Cane: Sorry Emily but you were scheduled for an interview 10 minutes ago.

Emily just stares at Candy as if she has not spoken, before making her way over menacingly.

Emily Scott: An interview? AN INTERVIEW?????

Emily turns and throws the chair into the wall mounted mirrors, shattering it over the floor. Candy starts to edge away

Emily Scott: Here's your precious interview. Management here think it's okay to just randomly throw bookings together, to put matches together at a whim.
Tonight I was not ready for Jason Storm, but they decided to make me the sacrificial lamb to make their champion look good.
They have embarrassed me, pushed me to breaking point, but they will not stop me reaching my destiny.

She picks up a shard of glass, and runs it along the palm of her hand, drawing blood and that's a promise.

With that she storms out of the room, leaving a visibly shaken Candy behind as the video fades out.

Andy Samberg: If only she had as much fight during that match

Rhydian Jones: I do see her point though. Putting a relative rookie in against a champion was only going to end one way.
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