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You'll learn. (Backstage area)

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You'll learn. (Backstage area)

Post  Guest on Sun Jun 28, 2015 10:52 am

Andy Samberg: We still have more yet to come, what a night we had so far, and what a night we'll still have!

Rhydian Jones: Yeah, yeah, but I'm still expecting our new guy to appear. I really think he's the future of this company.

Andy Samberg: Who? Oh, I bet you are talking about Drew, aren't you? I don't really know what you see on him, to be honest...

Rhydian Jones: Haven't you seen his match last week? He dominated Sweeney! I also like Sweeney, but Drew's going to be a top star here, at AXN.

Andy Samberg: Blah blah blaaah.

The camera suddently switches to the backstage area and catches Drew Wright who had been interrupted by a unknown man on suit.

Rhydian Jones: Oh!!! Speaking of the devil!

???: Finnally, I managed catch you.

Drew Wright: Oh man. You? Again? Why do you have to be everywhere I am?

???: Drew, my boy, I'm your manager, why wouldn't I be everywhere you're at?

Drew Wright: This isn't the boxing world anymore, I'm done with boxing, I wasn't made for that world so, please, Mr. Martin, leave me alone.

Josh Martin: Sorry Drew, but that won't happen. I've signed a contract with AXN. I'm now, once again, responsible for your actions and once again, your public relations guy.

Drew stares at Josh, with a sceptic look.

Drew Wright: Why? Why would you want that? Who signed you? I've had enough of you already. I'm gonna end this, and you're gonna learn to not bother me, Mr.

Drew leaves Josh alone and goes to the GM Office.

Josh Martin: This kid... He's gonna learn...

The camera switches back to announce table.

Andy Samberg: What was that all about? Who's that man?

Rhydian Jones: I dont know, but I'm quite sure we'll hear more about him and about this story.

The camera fades out.


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