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Peel Those Grapes, Bitterman

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Peel Those Grapes, Bitterman

Post  Magic Matt Malone on Sat Jun 27, 2015 8:25 am

The AXNtron flashes to life, revealing MAGIC MATT MALONE in his luxurious locker room. He is sitting on an overstuffed easy chair, watching what appears to be My Little Pony on a giant TV. His manservant BITTERMAN is feeding him peeled grapes.

MMM: Yeah, you tell 'em, Pinkie Pie. (he popped one grape into his mouth, then spits it out.) These grapes aren't peeled, Bitterman.

BITTERMAN: I'm sorry sir. I wanted to get them to you as quickly as--

MMM: Quiet, you. The Prince of New York is about to speak to his adoring public.

BITTERMAN: Yes sir. How foolish of me, sir.

MMM: Now then (turns off the TV) little Tommy Midas wants his rematch. That's fair, he's due for it. And let's face it, that's what my subjects want. They want a Prince that isn't afraid to wage war against those that threaten the kingdom. New York (gestures with wide open arms) is my kingdom, and Madison Square Garden is my castle.

Tommy Boy's just a troll living under the bridge. He thought he could win the title with his money, but he was wrong. ONLY I CAN WIN A TITLE WITH MONEY! Not that I did, of course. That would be cheating. Bitterman, did I cheat?

BITTERMAN: No sir. You're honest, hardworking, dedicated...

MMM: And modest, don't forget modest. But anyway, I am a fighting Prince, and a fighting Champion. I'll use every move I have, and i'll put on the greatest show on Earth. As for Tommy Boy, he'll have to go back under the bridge.

BITTERMAN! GRAPES! NOW! And peel them this time.

BITTERMAN: Yes sir. I live to serve sir.

Magic Matt Malone

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