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Promises not fufilled

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Promises not fufilled

Post  Guest on Fri Jun 26, 2015 10:34 pm

The camera fades in to show Hieu, Scardex and James Dean backstage having a heated conversation.

Scar: You told us that one of us would be leaving Chasing Glory as the AXN Champion!

James: Yeah! You said that there was no way Jason, Motorhead or Yasmine would leave with OUR title. And yet here we are with nothing, while Jason is parading around here with the AXN championship around HIS waist.

Hieu: Before anything else is said, we need to address one thing. You need to know your place and lower your voice when you speak to me.

James tries to cut him off but Hieu does it to him instead

Hieu: Whatever you want to say, don't. I don't want to here it. Last I checked, I was the last surviving member of the three of us in that match. And last I checked, I was the one that eliminated Motor and Yas not you(at James) and not you(at Scar).

Both Scar and James take exception to what Hieu says and fight back

Scar: Well last I checked, you still lost. To Jason no less.

Hieu: I'm not going to argue with you about that. Jason beat me. I'm not any more happy about it than you are. But you don't see me walking around here whining like little babies.

James: Little babies? You're making it easier and easier for me to lay you out right here.

Hieu steps right up into James' face

Hieu: You can try. But I promise it will turn out better for me than it will for you.

Hieu and James stare at each other for a minute before James takes a step back

Hieu: Wise choice. Now if you're both done with your whining, let's get to some business. You let me worry about Jason and the AXN championship. All you need to worry about tonight is taking care of Motor and whoever it is Chef is throwing in there with him.

Scar and James stand around exchanging looks with each other and then Hieu before some speaks up

Hieu: Go! What are you standing around for?

Scar and James storm off still irate with Hieu but clearly obedient

Hieu turns and heads to his locker room as the camera fades to black


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