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And his name was Justice.

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And his name was Justice.

Post  Guest on Fri Jun 26, 2015 8:53 am

Tool – forty six & 2 starts to play from the speakers. Whole area is bathed in the darkness. Output ramp is covered in smoke. After some time the man in elegant shirt and black pants emerges through the smoke and storms to the fans. Eventually he makes his way to the ring taking some time with the fans on his way. In the ring he raises the mic and starts his announcement.

Charles McBright: Hello faithful fans of AXN! My name is Charles McBright and from now on you will see me as the new power in this federation. AXN General Manager called me when I was at hostpital after my accident on HOW PPV. To contract proposition he added a sample of what happened at your last PPV and you know what? I damn liked it! That’s why accepted conditions of the contract same day he called me and now I’m here to entertain you. I’ve got only one short message to other wrestlers out there. If you’re going to cheat remember my words – Justice will be served as I am the Justice here!

He throws the mic and raises his arms. Fans are chanting as forty six & 2 is played once again when Charles McBright makes his way to the locker room to prepare himself for a fight against Duke.


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