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History Lesson

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History Lesson

Post  Guest on Fri Jun 26, 2015 8:28 am

*The setup of an AXN interview is shown on the titantron, with Candy Kane standing poised with a microphone in-hand.*

Candy Kane: Good evening all you AXN fans, I am here to get a few words from the man that turned a lot of heads at Chasing Glory with his awesome debut here at AXN... Brute!

*Instead of Brute stepping in to the line-of-sight of the camera, the cameraman has to swing it round to allow Brute to be seen. He stares down at Candy Kane with his natural angry look across his face. The cameraman scurries backwards so he can get a wider shot, fitting both Candy Kane and Brute in the picture.*

Candy Kane: So, Brute, the first thing I ask anyone who debuts here at AXN is what m-

???: My apologies, Candy, but before this continues I would like to address the on-goings last time you seen Brute and I step inside an AXN ring.

*The hatted man who accompanied Brute at Chasing Glory also steps in to the frame, standing directly in between Brute and Candy Kane. Candy Kane reluctantly directs the microphone to the mouth of the man.*

Candy Kane: Can we at least get a name?

*The man looks down at the ground and smiles.*

???: Chasing Glory was all about the men and woman that make up the AXN Roster fighting it out for a piece of gold or a piece of vengeance. I would like to apologise to all those superstars. Why? Because Brute and I have done such a selfish deed and debuted right where the spotlight should have been on others. And now, I know that spotlight will remain on this giant for the foreseeable future as he makes his way through every man and woman that stands in his way as if they where nothing but lifeless bodies. It's too late to change anything now. The jealousy of the locker room is at an all-time high, and frankly, there's not a damn thing they can do about it. I mean, look at this monster which stands before you as we speak.

*The camera pans in on the scraggly face of Brute.*

???: This, ladies and gentleman, children of all ages, is what is now here at AXN and won't leave without pursuing it's goal.

Candy Kane: Can I ask what it's... my apologies, his goal is?

???: You're polite... that's cute. Brute shares the goal of many a man before us, however he has the means to do so. Do you remember a man by the name of Genghis Khan?

Candy Kane: The emperor of the Mongolian Empire?

???: No, I mean the new debutant at AXN...

Candy Kane: ...I don't t-

???: For goodness sake, yes the emperor of the Mongolian Empire! The same man, that had nothing to begin with, and before you knew it, conquered so much of the world that to this day, 1 in 4 of us carry his genes. Now, I understand the PG-rating and I'm not going to get in about his morales and his ways of doing things, but the man wanted to conquer the world and damn, did he do it. Now, we've had failures ever since, Adolf Hitler, I'm looking at you... but it's time for a man to conquer something once again, someone that will be in the record books for ages to come, and people will reminisce thinking "Damn, look at this guy! Brute was a damn wrecking ball." That, Candy Kane, is his goal.

Candy Kane: And the next step on Brute's road of wrecking is Son Goku, how do you think he will fare?

???: Road of wrecking? I like that. And I hope your innocent mind is thinking how Son Goku will fare, because there's no question if Brute will find this fly on a windshield as a threat. Son Goku will come to the ring, and will be thinking "David versus Goliath, David versus Goliath", and then Brute goes to that ring and gives him a reality check. Brute crushes Son Goku, Son Goku retreats to the locker room with a broken rib or four and the AXN locker room break down in tears of terror.

*Candy Kane turns to face the camera to sign-off the interview, however Brute snatches the microphone from her grasp as she gets a fright.*

Brute: Son Goku, you will not win. You will not feel like a human after I am done with you. Prepare yourself. I am coming.

*Brute immediately turns to walk away after dropping the microphone to the floor. The man with the hat picks up the microphone and gives it to Candy Kane as a nice gesture, and also walks in the same direction as Brute.*

Candy Kane: There you have it, ladies and gentlemen.

*The camera fades out.*


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