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Open Challenge Answered (right before king and marc's tag match)

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Open Challenge Answered (right before king and marc's tag match)

Post  King Krimsin on Fri Jun 26, 2015 4:50 am

An explosion interrupts the calm in the arena, and shrouds the curtain at the top of the ramp in a thick smoke.  The lights go out.  And, no sooner are the AXN faithful in attendance surprised by the explosion, than “Every time I die” - Children of Bodom, begins blasting overhead.  A column of nearly knee-high fire ignites, from the curtain all the way down to the foot of the ramp, on either side of the ramp.

Boos begin to rain down, from the rafters to ringside, as Marcurcio the Mauve pops out of the curtain in a very campy, magicianly, manner with a smile spread wide across his face;  he pops out of the curtain in a very much -tada- sort of way, and holds his pose in place.  Not a second later, as Marcurcio bows to welcome him, the seven-foot, near twenty six stone, towering meat head thug known as King Krimsin emerges with the deepest of nasty mean mugs.  His crazy eyes look ablaze, as they are accentuated by his heavy black eye makeup in the face of the columns of fire in the otherwise pitch black arena.  Marc gives a gracious wave of his arm toward the booing crowd before making his way down the ramp, at an ambling pace, in front of his king.

Andy :  Great!  If it isn’t your favorite dastardly duo, Rhydian.

Rhydian :  Well..  I thought we were supposed to be professionals here, Samberg.  Which, of course would mean that we don’t play favorites.

Andy :  It takes all kinds, Rhydian.. Too true!  I personally can’t think of a reason in the world Chef would want to get rid of these guys...

Rhyidan :  Which is what he tried to do at Chasing Glory.  But, I think even hard headed Chef has to see what a force he’s got signed here.

The way Krimsin tossed around Deathlock like a rag doll inside the cell was brutal, and emphatic.

Andy :  It certainly was a statement win for the -king-, I guess...  

But the damage is done for these two.  Tom Midas was my pick to win the whole thing at Chasing Glory, and he came up a bit short, but so far the number two ranked heavyweight in AXN has been way too much for these two to handle.

Rhydian :  You’re one to talk about playing favorites, Samberg...

Andy :  Who’s talking favorites!?  I am a professional, Mr. Jones!  ...

...  I don’t -play- favorites! ...

The two men, clad in black leather, make their way to the apron.  King Krimsin reaches up for the top rope, easily grabbing it while flat footed on the floor, and uses it to pull himself quickly onto the apron.  Then, one leg over the other, he crosses over the top rope.  

Following quickly behind him, having taunted his way up the stairs to the apron, Marc eases his way underneath the top rope, and grabs a mic that was pre placed in the ring.

As the lights come up, King Krimsin takes a couple paces around to his right, and then toward the south side of the ring;  just a few of his long strides are all thats needed to bring him halfway between the southside ropes and the center of the ring.  His compatriot, Marc, brings his hands together in front of himself, clasping the mic in both, and bows his head a bit.  His grin becomes a devilish sneer, as he chuckles into the mic.

Marcurcio :  Hm hm hm hm...

The contrast between his wicked look, and the downright enchanting richness of his voice creates an almost palpable uncomfortableness.  Those boos that had begun to wain are renewed, and ever the showman,  Marc waits a few beats, until they naturally calm themselves down a bit.

Andy :  This crowd is really letting this lovely pair know how they feel about them!

His rich, Danish accented, baritone begins to boom, though with a softness, as he begins to speak into the microphone.

Marc :  My my.. Well I...

He turns his gaze upward, from the ground toward the crowd, and a clearly contrived, and smug, look of sympathy spreads across his face.

Well, I thought you all might be just beside yourselves with relief to see that your KING lives on in AXN!!  LONG LIVE THE KING!!  Ha ha!

On cue, the overwhelming boos return, at which Marcurcio seems to revel.  King Krimsin remains, as always, arms folded in front of him, with a heavy scowl on his face.  Marcurcio’s dramatized look of amusement soon degenerates into a look of disdain, and his voice becomes even lower, and highly intimidatingly, bestially, gravelly low.

Your general manager, Mr. Blue, was a fool to think he could be rid of us that easily!  Inside of this man’s indomitable machine of flesh and bone, resides an ancient spirit.. Of competition!

Marc points toward King Krimsin and continues.

ANCIENT!!  Do you cretins know what the word -ancient- means?

Andy :  Rhydian, what do you see in these guys?  They are as crazy as the day is long!

The threat in Marc’s voice eases a bit, but only slightly.  His tone takes on a more humanlike, but none the less calus, matter-of-factness.

Marc :  It means before recorded history.  It means his spirit is older than -anything- you know.  And if you think you can kill him..  Then keep that in mind!

More boos from the crowd, as Marc turns to the other side of the crowd.  He evens his tone, though still speaking softly and low, and his face becomes void of any emotion.

Now.. Since we are here.  Since we are not under any further punitive stipulations, and since our license to break bones has been renewed...  We would like to do just that.  That the gods may bellow the fires that power the spirits of competition residing in these mortal shells.

Tom.  Midas.

A veritable eruption of applause and cheers explode forth from the crowd at the mention of Tom Midas’s name.  Marcurcio’s interest is piqued by the reaction.  He perks up a bit, and prods at that vein.    

Heh.  Tom Midas is -not- here tonight...  He wasn’t man enough to show his face tonight, knowing that we would be back.  Full Stop.  License to kill!

Andy :  Is that true??  Tom Midas isn’t even in the building tonight!?

Rhydian :  Well, it must be, Sandberg.  Otherwise Marc probably wouldn’t have said that, now would he?

Andy :  He could be lying!!

Rhydian :  Not likely.  If he were here, we no doubt would have cameras on them in the back wherever he is.  Instead they are out here.

Booing slowly overcomes the cheering, as Marc continues.

Marc :  So...  Since Tom Midas is not a valid target this evening...  We will issue an open challenge!  Anyone in the back!  Or, hell, anyone of you with a ticket to this show!  Who of you is man enough to face the KING!?

Andy :  Real classy.  Beat up on the average joe who bought a ticket to see this, and probably has his kids with him...

Rhydian :  I’m more or less positive they are expecting everyone in the back to chafe at the idea of taking on King Krimsin one-on-one.

A undistinguishable mixture of boos and cheers smatter throughout the crowd.  Some volunteering with all they have got to jump into the ring, some anxious, and holding out hope, that someone from the back will answer the challenge and silence these two.

Marc :  It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if this challenge went unanswered.  So if need be we will come back there, room to room, and clean house!  So, if not for your own glory, somebody -please- do it for the safety of your peers!

Marc feigns sympathy for those they intend to hurt in the back.  However, all at once, a roar erupts from the crowd, prompting Marc and King Krimsin to look toward the ramp.

Andy :  It’s the Chef!  Here we go!!

Rhydian :  I highly doubt he is going to answer the challenge himself.  Probably here to put another thumb down onto King Krimsin’s momentum.

Marc becomes visibly repulsed, and King steps toward the ramp side of the ring, placing his hands down onto the top rope in anticipation, as Shepherd Blue emerges from the curtain, wearing a freshly pressed suit and carrying a microphone.

As he speaks, he seems slightly annoyed.

Chef :  So.. Exactly who do you think you guys are!?

Coming on -my- show?  Issuing open challenges!?  Tsk tsk.

The crowd pops, and Chef continues.

You know...  I thought you guys might have gotten the message already.  But... Apparently you haven’t noticed yet.

I am the boss here.  I am the General Manager of AXN, and I won’t suffer the likes of you two dime-a-dozen ass[censored]!

Rhydian :  What Chef lacks in humility... He more than makes up for with his professionalism.

Andy :  Sarcasm doesn’t suit you very well, Rhydian.  Leave the jokes to me, thanks.

Chef :  So!  King Krimsin?  You will be in action tonight.  The human body can only take so much punishment in one career, even if it -is- inhabited by an ancient spirit or whatever.  So let’s start putting some mileage on that -machine- of yours ASAP!

Marc begins to grin gleefully, triumphantly, while a smile threatens to break King Krimsin’s face’s mean streak.

Oh, and Marcurcio?  You’re gonna be his tag team partner!

In light of this revelation, a look of chagrin, and utter disdain, manifests on Marc’s evil looking painted face.

Oh yeah!  You’re up there all about this -we are spirits of competition looking to claim the favor of your gods- or whatever your story is.  So since it’s always about -we- with you, and you’re always doing all the talking...

It’s time to see if your -mortal shell- can cash some of the checks your fat mouth seems to wanna write on the reg here!


Andy :  Well he does -not- like that news does he?  Ha ha ha!

Rhydian :  He doesn’t even have to do anything, Samberg.  It’s more a matter of principal for him... King Krimsin could easily take any two men Chef could throw at him.

Chef :  On my way out here, I poked my head into the first locker room I came to, and offered a contract for a tag match with you guys.  They jumped up so fast that I had to offer a bonus if they beat you guys! I just had to! Love the enthusiasm!!

Marcurcio, King Krimsin.  You’re opponents tonight are (OPPONENT_1), and (OPPONENT_2)!  And you’re match is next!  As in right now!  Enjoy!

Andy :  What a bombshell!!  (OPPONENT_1), and (OPPONENT_2) versus King Krimsin and his loud mouthed, butt kissing, bullhorn Marcurcio!  And it’s next!!

Rhydian :  Don’t play like they jumped at the chance, Chef.  He offered the bonus money as incentive to get anyone at all to step up!

Andy :  Don’t go away, folks!!

Chef turns on his heel, and exits through the curtain to a mass of applause.  The dastardly duo yanks off their leather jackets, throwing them to the floor, and prepare themselves for their surprise tag match.
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Re: Open Challenge Answered (right before king and marc's tag match)

Post  King Krimsin on Fri Jun 26, 2015 4:50 am

so ive lost the booking message tom sent out, but i remember i was in a tag match. just dont remember with whom =P
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Re: Open Challenge Answered (right before king and marc's tag match)

Post  Johnny Zero on Fri Jun 26, 2015 1:06 pm

This RP is fucking massive.
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Re: Open Challenge Answered (right before king and marc's tag match)

Post  Guest on Fri Jun 26, 2015 4:04 pm

Great work. King, stop making us look pathetic.


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Re: Open Challenge Answered (right before king and marc's tag match)

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