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Fool You Twice

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Fool You Twice

Post  Emily Scott on Fri Jun 05, 2015 3:49 pm

Candy Cane can be seen stood alongside Emily Scott, who is again wearing an AXN t-shirt over the top of her usual wrestling gear.

Candy Cane: I am here with Emily Scott who is due to make her pay-per-view debut in a third match against Duke. How are you feeling about tonight Emily?

Emily seems restless as she considers her answer

Emily Scott: Well Miss Cane, its that fun feeling of nervousness mixed with excitement. It's those butterflies in the stomach mixed with the electricity in the air.
To be making my first appearance at a AXN pay-per-view, it's not something I had ever considered before now.
I may not of been here long, but I have seen a small following building in the crowd and this is a chance to show why they follow me

Candy Cane: How about your opponent tonight, Duke? This will be the third time in as many weeks that you meet in the ring, and as things stand you are both equal.

There is a sudden change in Emily when Duke's name is mentioned. She stops fidgeting and there is a fire in her eyes.

Emily Scott: I heard that pretty little speech that Puke.. sorry Duke made earlier.
He thinks that because he would make excuses for losing that I would, well he is wrong.
Last week was a lose, simple as that.
The fact is it is not about getting knocked down, but how you pick yourself back up and I plan on picking myself up in style.
Fool you once? I don't need to fool you to beat you and do you want to know why?

Emily stops speaking and stands there silently. Candy starts to look a little confused as she is not sure what to do.
As she goes to speak, Emily leans in really close, placing her finger on Candy's lip before speaking in almost a whisper.

Emily Scott: Because this is your destiny calling...

Emily pauses for moment, her face inches from Candy's, before turning and walking away, chuckling to herself as Candy blushes and the shot fades to black

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