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Post  King Krimsin on Fri Jun 05, 2015 1:53 pm

The scene opens in a backstage lockeroom, which is empty save for two men.  One, is the seven foot tall oak tree of a man, King Krimsin, who is seated with a determined scowl on his face.  The other, his dastardly handler, with the voice like a Danish talk radio personality.

Marc is standing, hands on either shoulder of the stooped King Krimsin.  His voice is calm, low, and

Marcurcio :  The spirits of competition are with you tonight.  And, they are strong with you, your grace.

They wish to behold your capabilities, in battle.. And to garner you the favor of the gods!

Your trial, in the court of battle, could not have come at a better time!  When you let the snake in the grass, Tom Midas, take your shot at the AXN Heavyweight Championship...  You angered the gods!  

It’s the greatest prize in this industry, and their champion... Their, King!  Was overcome by a mere mortal!

King Krimsin stares, seethingly, at the floor, and doesnt say a word.  His entire body looks tense, and on the verge of snapping at any second, as he draws in deep, heavy, breaths.

Marc gets a twinkle in his eye, and his rich baritone voice becomes optimistic, and almost sagely.

But their favor for you is greater than that...  They have given their King...  Another chance...

...  Tonight, you have been given an opportunity, on this grand stage, to atone for you failure a few short weeks ago!  And all you have to do... Is to BREAK the one they call, Zack Deathlock!

Marc’s optimistic tone degenerates into an expression of twisted, evil, gnar.

You will NOT fail tonight, my liege!  For if you do, you and I BOTH will be faced with more dire consequences than the mortal Mr. Blue can exact upon us!

The gods want a show, tonight, my liege...  Remind them how the King of war and blood got his name!

An evil grin spreads across Marc’s face, as King Krimsin launches up onto his feet.  He stares ahead, with a look of unadulterated, volatile, rage, as the former stares up at him with great expectation.  Then, all at once, the towering Krimsin shouts with inhuman force.

King Krimsin :  KRIMSIN!!  CRUSH!!!

The scene closes on King staring ahead at the door, and Marc looking upward, into the face of the beast.
King Krimsin
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