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New Age of Champions

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New Age of Champions

Post  Jason Storm on Thu Jun 04, 2015 11:45 pm

The scene fades in from black as we see Jason Storm, Motorhead, and Yasmine walking in unison talking with one another as they make their way down a long hallway. About halfway down the hallway, Candy Kane steps out of an office room right behind of the group.

Candy: “Hey you guys!”

It appears as none of the three members heard her.

Candy: “Hello…Jason…Motor…Yasmine!”

That got their attention as all three turn around and see Candy standing in the middle of the hallway holding a clipboard in one hand and a bag in the other. She drops the bag on the ground and walks over to the group.

Candy: “I am really glad I caught up with you guys, I needed to ask you something!”

Jason: “Hurry it up Candy, we need to get ready for our match.”

Candy: “It will be real quick…I promise.”

Jason rolls his eyes and groans.

Candy: “So going into tonight’s elimination chamber match, how do you think you will all fair going against Old School? I guess we will start with you Jason and work our way around.”

Jason: “How do you think we will fair you ask? I believe right now you are looking at the future AXN Champion and the last three members of that elimination chamber match. So that answers your question.”

Candy: “So you believe that even though Old School will have the numbers advantage, which is saying that Hieu can hold off Yasmine long enough for James Dean to enter, for most of the match.”

Jason: “Yasmine is a strong woman who can hold of Hieu and James Dean both till Motor here can come in and give her a helping hand.”

Candy: “Statistically speaking though, your opponents have a much greater chance of coming out on top.”

Jason folds his arms together.

Jason: “I don’t give a damn at what statistics say about our situation. I know my group and I know what we can do. Like I just said, we three in front of you will be the last ones standing when the dust settles and one of us will be draping our shoulder with the title.”

Candy: “So…if you three are the last ones standing…how will you decide who walks away with the title?”

Jason: “Isn’t it obvious?”

In perfect harmony.

Jason: “Me!”

Yasmine: “Me!”

Motorhead: “Me!”

All three people look at each other.

Candy: “Looks like things could get interesting if what you say comes true and you are the last ones to be eliminated.”

Jason looks at the other members of his group and disgust.

Jason: “We will discuss this later.”

Candy: “One last thing before you guys go. I have heard from a couple people that Old School are in talk with a few other members from the original AXN tapings so that may mean more people joining their cause. Are there any new members that you would be willing to grab and bring into New Age with the rest of you guys to even the numbers between the two fractions?”

Jason: “There are a few people that come to mind who we believe have what it takes to join our standings.”

Candy: “And who would they be?”

Jason: “No need to get peoples hopes up if we decide not to go and get them. In all honestly, the way we are now we could still beat Hieu and his gang even with ten plus more people. That is how confident I am of this group and how well our teamwork is together.”

Candy: “Bold statement I guess. Anyways, there are a few other people who I want to get a quick word from before the night is over with. So please excuse me while I go searching for them. Good luck to you all in your match tonight and hopefully you can resolve your issue between you three.”

Candy goes back to the front of the office and grabs the bag that she dropped on the floor before heading in the opposite direction of the New Age. The scene fades to black as we see Jason and the rest walk off.    
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