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Candys (Cannot add colours-.-)

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Candys (Cannot add colours-.-)

Post  Guest on Thu Jun 04, 2015 9:06 am

You can see GermanAinor giving an interview
Reporter: Hello GermanAinor, how are you?
German: Come to your point.
Reporter: Okay, okay. Today is your big day and you will fight for the paranoia title against Bianca, are you nervous? And do you think you can win against her?
German: Me? Nervous? I don't even know how to spell that. Of course i have a chance against her.. i just need to wait for the right moment to launch my fin off and then.. I'm just kidding, winning against her is as easy as stealing a baby his sweets.
Report: Wow, your ego is big, lets hope you can do what you say.
German: Hope? Noone needs that. Bianca should give me her sweets, the title, and run to her mum and cry like a little baby.
Reporter: That's harsh.
German: If you want to see something harsh you just need to watch my match against Bianca the 'Champ'.
Reporter: Good luck.
German: Good luck at closing your mouth after the match.

German makes his way to a candy shop and buys a lollipop. He looks at it, shows it in the camera and says:

Look 'Champion' this is what i will do with your sweets tonight!

He breaks the lollipop in two halfs and throws it on the ground.

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