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Isle of Oxna

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Isle of Oxna

Post  Guest on Wed Jun 03, 2015 8:46 am

Rhydian Jones: Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to remind you that-

Amidst the action-packed PPV, a shady looking man in suit and tie with a bowler hat to complete the look makes his way to the ring. He brings a presence of darkness with his veteran, scar-covered face and yet his body language seems perky. With a microphone already in hand, the man walks up the steps and steps into the ring with the attention of the entire audience.

Andy Samberg: -wait, wait, wait, who's this guy?

???: Well hello!

Andy Samberg: Hey!

The audience have no reaction except faces of confusion.

???: Where are my manners? My name is... well, that's not really important, so excuse me if I am an enigma to you all. I'll tell you what's important, and that is a name of another man... would you like me to tell you a story?

A few boos are heard as the audience want more action than talking, nevertheless the man continues.

???: Years ago, in a remote isle at the most northern part of Scotland, the Isle of Oxna was graced with the birth of a legend. This is no story like the birth of Hercules, oh no, this is more like the story of Judgement Day, where in one simple day the Earth was doomed. The mother and father of this baby boy had no idea what they have just done, the pain and suffering they have just inflicted to this world merely by following nature's orders and producing this sweet little blue-eyed boy. It wasn't long before they noticed; toys were broken, walls were smashed and the wail of wildlife outside haunted the Isle of Oxna. Who was to blame for all of this anarchy? Not the boy of course, he was only little, he couldn't do so much damage, cause so much chaos! Well then who?

The boos begin to quieten as the man somehow captivates the rowdy crowd.

???: Years had passed, livestock had diminished and the once innocent parents now stare at mirrors seeing only the reflection of the devil. They created the chaos incarnate, let loose to do whatever he pleases and what he pleases... pleases no one but himself. The boy is now a man. The man is now a monster. And this monster is what remains of the Isle of Oxna as the Isle of Oxna is now nothing more than a floating rock.

The man strolls towards the ropes closest to the entrance ramp and stares onwards manically.

???: Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, I come bearing a gift. The gift of destruction. The gift of demise. The gift of... Brute!

Rhydian Jones: Oh my... it can't be?

The audience erupt into an ovation for Brute, a man the audience know well from various wrestling promotions. The lights dim, scenes of dark waters and desolate cliffs dominate the titantron and the man called Brute steps out into the arena to a thunderous response. He stomps his way down the ramp and into the ring, standing directly behind and towering over the mysterious man.

Andy Samberg: What the heck is that?!

Rhydian Jones: That my friend, is Brute. And the AXN locker room are in danger like they've never been before.

???: The day of reckoning is upon AXN, and it cannot be stopped. Disagree? I welcome any of you to come down to this ring right now and prove us, and the entirety of the AXN fans wrong. A-

Brute snatches the microphone with his gargantuan hands and pulls it close to his mouth. He speaks in a deep, Scottish accent.

Brute: Get down here now.

Andy Samberg: He looks and sounds like a boulder with arms.

Rhydian Jones: You're not far wrong!

Andy Samberg: I'm telling you, whoever accepts this challenge is either brave or stupid, and I know which one I'm willing to put my money on!

While Brute hands the microphone back to the mysterious man, Tidal Waves makes his way out along with a chorus of cheering and a mic in hand. He chats as he stumbles down the ramp.

Andy Samberg: Well, if one man in the back had to make a challenge like this, it'd have to be Tidal Waves!

Rhydian Jones: I don't know if it's because his head's screwed on loosely or what, but these two share a history together and I think of all people he should know what he's getting himself into.

Tidal Waves: Brute! Brutey boy! How's it going, pal? Hmm? Remember me? Good ol Tidal Waves bro! Oh man, how long's it been?

Tidal Waves manages to squirm is way under the bottom rope, and with the help of the ropes finds his feet.

Andy Samberg: Hahaha, oh man...

Tidal Waves: Bah, I don't know, you don't know and I don't know either... but that's besides the point! Glad to see you in AXN, buddy! Just to let... just to let you know, if I hear any open challenge from outback, and I mean an-

Without another word, Tidal Waves is left floored as a result of a right hand by Brute, angering the crowd. Brute can be heard screaming "Do it! Do it!" directed at the mysterious man.

???: Parents, please cover the eyes of your children because what you are about to see is not pretty. Please, ring the bell...

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