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Change or Truth

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Change or Truth

Post  Guest on Tue Jun 02, 2015 11:15 pm

We return from break and the camera pans around the arena showing the excited fans with their signs and AXN gear. All of a sudden Hate Me Now(Instrumental) by Nas blasts throughout the arena and fans' attention immediately turns to the stage as they recognize who is about to step out. The camera flashes backstage to catch Hieu walking towards the stage with a mic in hand. He comes out to the stage and takes in the atmosphere. The fans give Hieu a mixed reaction. Hieu smirks and begins to speak.

Andy Samberg: Well this should be interesting. Looks like Hieu is making an early appearance tonight. Wonder why.

Rhydian Jones: Maybe he'll finally tell us why he sided with James and Scar last week. Either way it doesn't seem like the fans are thrilled to see him.

Hieu: Judging by your reactions I take it some of you are surprised with my actions from last week.

Hieu continues to speak as he slowly starts to make his way down the ramp and towards the ring

Hieu: I'm sure you all would like an explanation as to why I interfered in the main event last week.

Hieu stops halfway down the ramp and laughs at a fan sign. It reads "You've Changed." He takes the sign from the fan and gets into the ring with it.

Rhydian: That was a bit rude of Hieu. He just took that fan's sign.

Andy: (sarcastically) Maybe he's jealous that he can't make something that great.

Hieu: (holds up fan sign) Is that what you all think happened? You think I've changed?

Whispers and murmurs spread across the arena as Hieu tosses the sign to the side

Hieu: I can tell you this for a fact: I have not changed.

This elects boos from the audience

Rhydian: Sounds like the fans are turning on Hieu.

Andy: They were already questioning him before but now it sounds like they are completely turning on him.

Hieu: You can boo me all you want but I'm not the reason you are feeling this way about me. You are.  I'm not here to make anyone feel better. You come up with excuses to explain my actions in order to make yourself feel better. In order to preserve the image of the hero you remember, you conjure up reasons for his actions. "Maybe it's just an act." "Maybe this is all a part of some bigger plan" "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer right? Maybe he's taken that to heart."

Maybe it's who I really am. Did you ever think that?

A silence falls upon the arena

Andy: You could hear a pin drop right now.

Rhydian: The fans are shocked at what Hieu just said.

Hieu: Maybe the "hero" was an act. An act that I thought I had to put on to get far in this business. But I've been around long enough that I now know what I really need to do to get to the top.

Hieu takes a look around the arena before answering

Hieu: I need to be ruthless. I need to be a predator. I need to be an opportunist. I need to be this.

The crowd finally comes back to life and drowns Hieu in boos

Andy: And here come the boos. I hope Hieu knows what he's doing because it doesn't seem like these fans will ever cheer for him again.

Hieu: (laughs) You are all entitled to feel how you want to feel but you won't have a choice but to accept this when I leave the Chamber later tonight as the AXN Champion.

The boos grow louder as Hieu rolls out of the ring and walks backstage.

Rhydian: Well that was...something. Hieu has definitely made himself heard. All we can do now is see if he lives up to all the talk.

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