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Old School Lessons

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Old School Lessons

Post  Guest on Fri May 29, 2015 10:16 pm

(Please put this before James/Scar vs Motor/Yas)

The camera comes back and catches Hieu and Duke walking down the hall backstage. Jason Sudeikis catches up to them and stops them

Jason: Hey guys, you think I could get a word with you real quick.

Hieu: Definitely but if you don't mind, Duke's got something he needs to do.

Jason: That's perfectly fine. Besides, I already got to talk to Duke earlier.

Hieu looks over to Duke and motions for Duke to go with his head and Duke disappears down the hall.

Hieu: So, what's on your mind?

Jason: Some people said that they saw you, James Dean and Scardex coming out of the same room earlier. That's a bit odd don't you think?

Hieu: (smiles) Would you believe me if I told you it was one big coincidence?

Jason: Nice try but I've been around the block before and I'm not that gullible. The three of you are set to be three of the six combatants in the Elimination Chamber match for the AXN Championship at Chasing Glory. James and Scar have actually been having some problems with the other three combatants. You are the only one who has, in a sense, kept clean during these past few weeks. Is this your way of getting in on the action?

Hieu: (sarcastically) Well you know me, I like to stay far away from the action.

Jason: How about you give me a serious answer Hieu?

Hieu: Alright I will say this, I don't think that it's right for these "new schoolers" are trying to pick a fight with a couple of vets. They think that veteran means old. It doesn't. It means experience. It means we've been here before and we know how this goes. They're still trying to break into this business but we're already at the top.

Jason: Are you saying that you are in the same boat as James and Scar?

Hieu: Am I old school? Yes I am. And come Chasing Glory, I'll teach Jason Storm and his little gang some respect when I walk out of that chamber with the AXN Championship around my waist.

Jason: Those are some high expectations.

Hieu: Maybe for Storm but not for me.

Hieu looks over to see some techs working backstage to get ready for the main event.

Hieu: I have to go Jason. It was good talking to you. Don't miss the main event. It's going to be a good one.

Jason: Sure thing.

Hieu walks off and meets up with Duke and the camera fades into black.

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