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Post  Emily Scott on Fri May 29, 2015 3:31 pm

Andy: Coming up next is a tag match featuring Duke and Hieu verses Emily Scott and Jb. Calva.

Rhydian: What makes this match interesting is that just last week we witnessed Emily Scott getting her first win against Duke in a one on one match up.

Andy: And given what we heard earlier, Duke is not happy about that loss. Will teaming up with another veteran make the difference or will the two youngsters be able to get the victory?

Rhydian: Personally I think this is fixed. Why put two new guys in against a team where both men know each other well?

Andy: Another conspiracy theory Rhydian? This is turning into a habit.

Before Rhydian can respond, Emily Scott appears under the Titantron. She is wearing her usual wrestling gear with the addition of a black AXN t-shirt over the top.
Pausing for a moment to look at the crowd, she then makes her down the ramp before sliding into the ring. She signals for a microphone as the crowd wait to see what is about to unfold.

Emily: Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls.
Do NOT attempt to copy any of the amazing action you are about to see.
Duke is a professional punching bag who is trained to take the beat down he is about to receive again.

There is a small amount of laughter from the crowd when Emily says this. Barely stopping for breath she continues.

Emily: Last week some of you will have been lucky enough to witness my first victory here in AXN.
Now it turns out that Duke was feeling a little rusty so it did not count.
So in the spirit of fairness, tonight he is gets a second chance in the ring with me. And just in case the old man feels a little tired, he is bringing a friend with him.

Duke, you can bring an army with you and it won't make a difference.
And do you want to know why old man?
Because this is your DESTINY CALLING!!!

With that Emily pulls off the t-shirt and throws it out into the crowd before leaning against a turnbuckle waiting for the others to make their way down to the ring
Emily Scott
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