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A little bit rusty

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A little bit rusty

Post  Guest on Fri May 29, 2015 9:50 am

The camera fades in and catches Duke leaving his dressing room. AXN interviewer Jason Sudeikis is right there to meet him.

Jason: Hey Duke, how you doing?

Duke: I can't complain.

Jason: Good, because I wanted to shoot some questions your way.

Duke: Fire away Jason.

Jason: You used to be such a big name in the wrestling world a few years back but then you get here to AXN and immediately lose to Emily Scott. How does that feel?

Duke's expression changes from one of happiness to one of anger at what Jason has said

Duke: Excuse me, "used to be"? I am still one of the most recognizable names around. Yes I lost but like you said, I've been gone for awhile. I'm a little rusty. If I was given another shot at her, the results would be very different.

Jason: It's funny that you bring that up because you've been booked in a match against Emily again tonight.

Duke: Good. Now I can show everyone what really should've happened last week.

Jason: Hold on, it's not just any match. It's a tag team match and you'll be teaming up with Hieu to face Emily and JB Calva.

Duke: This just keeps on getting better. Thank you for the news Jason but I gotta go. I gotta find my tag partner and sort some people -er- things, out.

Jason: Well, good luck tonight.

Duke walks away to find Hieu

Jason: From what I saw last week, you're gonna need it.

The camera fades to black

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