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Filling a complaint

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Filling a complaint

Post  Jason Storm on Thu May 28, 2015 9:17 pm

The scene comes to and we see a wooden door with the words “General Manager” in big bold black lettering. The door opens and we see none other than James Dean and Scardex sitting in front of Sheppard Blue’s desk. Chef is sitting cross-legged with his hands folded together listening to what both of the men across from him are saying. The camera positions itself just behind Dean and Scardex to get the best angle possible.

James Dean: “You know I deserve another shot Chef. If it wasn’t for Jason and Motorhead, then I would of easily beaten Magic Matt.”

Chef unfolds his hands and places one of them on the table.

Chef: “Let me get this straight James. You want me to give YOU another shot against Matt because someone interfered with your match…is that what I am understanding?”

James Dean: “Yes, I deserve a shot at the World Heavyweight title and I believe I would have won my match if it had not of been for the heinous actions by the New Age.”

Chef: “Well Jimmy boy that is not how I run things around here. You lost your match cause of the New Age…boo freakin hoo. You don’t see Yasmine barging in here and complaining about your interference in her match against Scardex…hmm…do you know? Grow up, and like you said last week. This is a business. So please let me run it the way I decide it needs to fun.”

James Dean: “But there match wasn’t as big as mine. The stipulation was much greater.”

Chef: “Doesn’t mean anything to me. Now quit your complaining, I have something else for you know.”

Chef refolds his hands again and leans back in his chair.

Chef: “Big plans for all of you….”

Scardex: “What do you mean?”

Chef: “Well Scardex, first of all, pleased to hear you, I always thought James here spoke for you, but I guess not. Anyways, I’m glad you asked that. See, later tonight, you two will be facing off in a tag team match against two thirds of the New Age….Motorhead and Yasmine.”

Scardex: “Easy win for us I guess.”

Chef: “I wouldn’t be so sure about yourself Scardex. This isn’t just a normal match.”

Scardex and James look at each other confused.

Chef: “See, whichever team wins will be entering last in the elimination chamber and the pay-per-view and whoever is pinned or is submitted, that single person will enter the match first. See, there is more on the line than ever before.”

James Dean: “That sounds good to me.”

James looks at Scardex.

James Dean: “Looks like we will be entering at five and six boy! Then we will just figure out who between the two of us will win.”

Scardex: “Damn straight son!”

Chef: “Well why you two kiss and fight about who is going to win between the two of you I have more important things to take care of, so please get the hell out of my office now….thanks.”

Scardex and James both get up and head towards the door. They both exit as we see Shepard working on his computer as the screen fades to black.

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