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The Contract Signing

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The Contract Signing

Post  Magic Matt Malone on Wed May 27, 2015 2:27 pm

Shepherd Blue stand in the middle of the ring. Before him is a long table covered in a black cloth with the AXN logo on it. Beyond that are two folding chairs.

The crowd hoots and hollers at Shepherd, uncomfortable with the lack of action.

Chef: Alright everybody, settle down.

The crowd gets louder out of spite.

Chef: Fine, have it your way. I'll just turn up the mic. (gestures to the sound man). Now then, tonight we have the official contract signing for our Tournament Championship Match, featuring Magic Matt Malone (boos) versus Tom Midas (a massive pop of cheers). To begin, let's bring out New York City's own, MAGIC MATT MALONE!


The crowd throws a thunderstorm of boos as MMM's music hits. Down the aisle walks MMM, in a fashionable gray suit with green tie. Behind him, as always, is Bitterman and MMM's golden suitcase.

Andy Samberg: (sighs) I wonder what MMM is gonna throw at me tonight.

Rhydian Jones: Are you hoping for more sausage?

Andy: Just stop, man.

Rhydian: You're the one that besmirched the prince. Look at this guy, he brims with confidence, and we all know that confidence is what separates the champions from...well...from you, Andy.

Andy: You're a pleasure to work with, you know that?

MMM enters the ring, followed by Bitterman

MMM: Cut my music! (music ends abruptly). BITTERMAN! MIC! NOW! (Bitterman reaches into the golden suitcase and takes out a diamond crusted microphone)


(despite the boos, the easily led crowd can't help but chant along with Matt's catch phrases.)

MMM: Before we begin, there's a little something I need to address. I had nothing to do with the attack on James Dean last night. We all saw the match, and we know that I had him beat. What you saw was my princely power. You see, people naturally want to help the prince. They know that I'm on the way to the top, and they want to help me get there. Everyone knows a winner when they see one...except for Lonely Island over there. (points at Andy) Hey Samberg, how'd you like that sausage?

MMM: and another thing. I had nothing to do with that awful attack on my Bottomtooth Prep brethren, Tom Midas. I've know Tommy since we were teenagers. I'd never do anything to hurt him. Sure, we're battling for the championship. Sure, I have a hundred submission moves to target his back...and I WILL target his back. I'd be a fool not to. This is just another example of wrestlers wanting to ride with the Prince, the future AXN champion. They know I SHINE LIKE GOLD, and they want some of that. I'll take 'em to the top. I'll take all of AXN to the top. Whadya think of that, Chef?

Chef: I think this whole season is adding fifty points to my blood pressure. If I find out that you had anything to do with these attacks...

MMM: Look all you want, but I'll expect an apology when you fail. You're pretty good at failing, aren't you? AXN was falling apart before I joined, and now we're the MOST TALKED ABOUT FED IN THE WORLD!

(the crowd pops when MMM mentions how popular AXN is)

MMM: And you can reward me with that championship belt.

Chef: You'll have to earn it like everyone else.

MMM: Sounds like you already have a deal with Tommy. That's fine, I still have a few tricks in my suitcase.

Note: Tom, take it from here.
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Re: The Contract Signing

Post  Tom Midas on Fri May 29, 2015 1:02 am

Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer plays as Tom Midas walks out onto the entrance ramp and points to the fans and motions to his waist as if to show an imaginary title belt.

Rhydian: "And Tom's taped up, he's able to be here tonight which is more than I had assumed would have been possible. In any case, it's still not a smart idea to agree to a match so soon."

Andy: "I'm sure if he was too injured to compete, he wouldn't have agreed to come out and sign the contract."

Rhydian: "Or maybe he wont let his pride stop him from making a dumb decision?"

Tom slides into the ring and glares at MMM, but before saying a word, he reaches down, signs the contract, and tosses it back onto the table.

Tom Midas: "So I assume you're going to continue to deny the fact you most likely hired Krimsin to assault me last week. Whatever. It doesn't matter in the end because when it boils down to it all, I will win come Chasing Glory."

MMM goes to interrupt, but Tom raises his finger to his lip and shushes him.

Tom Midas: "Look I'm sure your illusions of grandeur have you thinking you've been the sole cause of AXN's revival becoming the force to be reckoned with that it is now. Simple version of the story, you're not. Come next Saturday, I'll be opening your conceited eyes to the fact you're not hot stuff. Your glory days were probably a promotion or two ago even."

Tom motions to MMM as if saying 'now you can provide a rebuttal'.

(Finish it up however you want to MMM)
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Re: The Contract Signing

Post  Magic Matt Malone on Fri May 29, 2015 1:06 pm

MMM: Oh Tommy, you are just precious, aren't you? Isn't he precious guys? Why would I hire Krimsin to hurt you when you already had a triple threat match? If anything, I'd hire someone to beat on one of the other guys. I was hoping to fight you, but I didn't expect it. I always play the odds, or I make the odds. But let's ask an neutral party. Bitterman, did I hire anyone to beat on Tommy?

BITTERMAN: No sir. You're as honest as they come. You would never do something like that.

MMM: You see? If Bitterman says it, it must be true. As for "illusions of grandeur," they're not illusions, they're reality. I've got more heat than a poor person's apartment in the summertime. Anyway, we all know that you and Chef have been fixing this in your favor. Hell, you bought the company just to put gold around your waist. Did you ever think that Krimsin was just lashing out again The Man?

But I digress. BITTERMAN! PEN! NOW!

(Bitterman opens the suitcase and takes out a golden pen. MMM scribbles his name on the contract)

MMM: I hope your back gets better for next week. I'm gonna put on the best match that Madison Square Garden has ever seen! Forget Andre! Forget Snuka off the top of the cage! Forget all of that. Madison Square Garden is my palace, and I'm gonna SHINE LIKE GOLD! BITTERMAN! ROPES! NOW!

(Bitterman holds the ropes open for MMM as he leaves the ring.)
Magic Matt Malone

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Re: The Contract Signing

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