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FINE! If it's Chaos You Want!

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FINE! If it's Chaos You Want!

Post  Tom Midas on Sat May 23, 2015 1:14 am

Once again, We are the Champions plays before Jason Storm and Motorhead can officially head to the back as a visibly red in the face in anger Chef glares to all four wrestlers before him.

Chef: "Triple M, if you so much say a word to me as you head to the back in the next 20 seconds, I'll strip you of your title shot. So... go."

Matt, happy to be getting out of this relatively scott-free, tells Bitterman to run faster as he rushes past Chef and heads to the backstage area. Chef sighs as he lifts up a single finger.

Chef: "One night, one night where nobody tries to interfere in a match they have no part in, assault a wrestler that they aren't even facing. But no, the fi of you... yes I know Scardex and Yasmine are both watching this as well... the five of you have been whining about no respect for the veterans or underestimating the new blood and what have you. You know what? This elimination chamber match was originally going to be amongst the 6 best wrestlers we have here. You know what you're forcing me to do? In addition to Scardex and Hieu, who ironically enough has been fairly quite in all of this, you Yasmine, you Motorhead, you Jason Storm, and you James Dean, will all compete in the chamber. And it's no New vs Old team match, it will still be for the AXN championship, so if it comes down to Jason vs Motorhead for example..."

Chef points at each of the two men standing in the middle between himself and James Dean.

Chef: "If you go easy on one another, in otherwords if any of you lay down for one another just because you so happen to be buddies, the wrestlers participating in said pinfall or submission will be fined ten thousand dollars and be suspended for a whole season. So come Chasing Glory, all six of you better ask yourself... 'Was this petty rivalry really worth it?' as you beat each other senseless within the confines of the cage. I can only hope for each of your sake you're the one man who comes out with the AXN championship, otherwise, the answer may not be what you think it will be."

With that, Chef tosses the microphone to the ground as Motorhead and Jason both glare at James Dean... before turning and looking at one another and taking a step away from one another as the camera fades to end the show.

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