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showstopping physco

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showstopping physco

Post  Guest on Fri May 22, 2015 9:21 pm

the camera pans to the entrance stage as the lights shut off in the arena and a creepy laugh plays then the lights instantly shut on in the middle of the entrance stage the crowd sees riley

*riley starts to oddly smile with the microphone in his hand*

Riley: hello axn universe

*the crowd greets riley back*

Riley: later tonight I will have a chance to prove myself to not only you the axn universe but every superstar backstage

*riley starts to walk towards the ring *

Riley: Bianca LeBlanc will have a nightmare in the ring against me this match will make me one step closer to a title

*riley starts smiling weird as he steps into the ring*

Riley: axn universe I will give you the best match this fed has seen in year because no one in this fed can put on a show like me

*the crowd continues to roar*

Riley : now I have t prepare on giving my opponent the butt kicking of a lifetime

*the arena goes pitch dark as riley walks down the entrance ramp as the camera pans to break *

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