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First time German and Falco meet

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First time German and Falco meet

Post  Guest on Fri May 22, 2015 4:52 pm


You can see Captain Falco staying in his locker room, he looks concentrated into the mirror, because he's preparing himself for the fight against GermanAinor. The camera flickers and you can see a finger which lays on Captain Falcos shoulder. Captain Falco looks behind himself and he sees nothing. He shakes himself to make his muscles refersh, suddenly the finger lays on Captain Falcos shoulder again.

Captain:  What's going on here? There's noone else in this room?

Captain Falco goes back to his training, but the finger lays again on his shoulder, Captain turns around as fast as he can, but again he can't see anything.

Captain: Now it's getting weird. What the heck is going on there? It's a bit late for April Fools' joke.

Dark Voice: It's not a April Fools' joke..

The captain turns around.

Captain: Who in the world are you?

Dark Voice: I AM your destiny, I AM the man who's going to beat you, I AM GERMANAINOR!

Captain: But, you look different, what happend?

German: You want to know what happend?

Captain: Kind of.

German: I looked in the face of your mother.

Captain: Enough is enough! You won 1 match here in AXN, but tonight you will lose, no, you won't lose, you will be crushed!

German: 'It's crushed', that is what everyone says about the face of your mother.

Captain looks angry.

German: I'm just wearing a mask. Now come on, don't be mad, because you know you will lose.

Captain makes his way to the door.

German: Aww, come on, i am sry.. you don't lose, you will get crushed!

Captain opens the door, pointing into the direction of german.

Captain: Stop talking rubbish, better prove yourself against me in the ring.

German: The only thing i need to prove you, is nothing.

Captain: You can see i opened the door, now leave. Let me prepare for our match.

A scream can be heared, a finger lays on Captains shoulder and the camera flickers again.

Captain: There exist weird people in this world.. First he had swore on my mother and afterwards he left like a little baby.

German appears on the titantron

German: Make a wish, because its the last one you will ever make.

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